Jewish Heritage Europe

Ukraine: Images of Jewish heritage, as we hold Ukraine in our thoughts

Our hearts go out to Ukraine! We can’t find the words, so we post here a gallery of Jewish heritage sites, in Kyiv and elsewhere in the country, from happier times…. Jewish presence goes back centuries. Today, following the Holocaust … continue reading →

JHE Anniversary of Anniversaries #1: The Rumbach street synagogue, Budapest. 150 years

The year 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of Jewish Heritage Europe, and we will be celebrating it throughout the year with special content. The theme of JHE’s 10th birthday celebrations is the “Anniversary of Anniversaries” — that is, using JHE’s own anniversary to feature other significant or … continue reading →

Ukraine: Joint Hungarian-Ukrainian project will remove Soviet-era concrete shell and renovate former Great Synagogue of Beregszász/Berehove

A joint Ukrainian-Hungarian project will renovate the former Great Synagogue in Berehove/Beregszasz, Ukraine  and restore the original 19th century exterior appearance. The project will dismantle the Soviet-era  concrete shell built around the synagogue in 1969, when it was turned into … continue reading →