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Simchat Torah! Rejoicing with Images of Arks

  Simchat Torah — Rejoicing in the Torah, the Jewish festival that celebrates the conclusion of the annual cycle of public Torah readings (and beginning of the new cycle), falls on Monday-Tuesday. To mark the occasion, here are some images of the Aron ha Kodesh, or … continue reading →

Rosh Hashana Synagogues: new video as Plzen Great Synagogue marks 125 years

  Continuing our series on synagogues that were dedicated at Rosh Hashana … we’ve posted recently about the monumental Great Synagogue in Plzen (Pilsen), Czech Republic, which is about to undergo extensive renovation. But we can’t resist posting the new … continue reading →

Faces of Time in the Belgrade Jewish cemetery: a crowded “House of the Living”

Jewish gravestones are personalized in specific ways: through names and dates; through epitaphs; through symbolic carved imagery; through, sometimes, family history timelines. From the latter part of the 19th century, gravestones in a number of Jewish cemeteries also (as was … continue reading →

Urban Jewish Heritage Conference: Raising the profile of Jewish heritage at the senior European institutional level

  Participants at the recent international Urban Jewish Heritage conference held in Krakow touched on a wide range of issues regarding the history, management, preservation, role, and future of Jewish heritage in (mainly) urban settings — towns and cities. Organized … continue reading →

Rosh Hashana synagogues: Warsaw’s destroyed Great Synagogue, virtually reconstructed

Continuing our series of posts about synagogues dedicated on Rosh Hashana, we  recall Warsaw’s monumental Great Synagogue on Tłomackie street, which was inaugurated at Rosh Hashana 140 years ago this week — on September 26, 1878. Attending the ceremony were Russian … continue reading →