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For Earth Day 2021: a JHE photo essay of aspects of Nature in synagogue and Jewish cemetery decorative art

Earth Day has been celebrated this week. Taking place annually on April 22, it was founded in 1970 to demonstrate support for environmental protection — and now sees events all around the world.  In honor of Earth Day, we present … continue reading →

Call for applications: ShUM cities project launches international Artist in Residence project (with focus on Jewish heritage in Worms, Speyer, Mainz, Germany)

The ShUM Cities project  linking the important medieval Jewish heritage of the German cities of Worms, Speyer, and Mainz has launched a first-time international artist-in-residence program, supported by the state and the three cities. Up to three project grants will … continue reading →

Spain: Were they medieval synagogues (or not)? Investigations regarding buildings in the towns of Utrera and Inca (Mallorca).

Investigations are under way in the Spanish town of Utrera to determine if the foundations of a medieval synagogue lie under a former pub in the city center. At the same time, on the island of Mallorca another building that … continue reading →

Ukraine: former fortress Great Synagogue in Lutsk, long used as a sports club, transferred to local Chabad

The “permanent free use” of the former fortress Great Synagogue in Lutsk, western Ukraine, has been transferred to the local Chabad community in the town. Dating from 1626-1628, the building, with its distinctive tower, has housed the Dynamo sports school … continue reading →