Jewish Heritage Europe

Ukraine: Restoration underway at the 18th century synagogue in Vil’khivtsi. It will become a Jewish heritage museum and Holocaust memorial

(JHE) — Work is under way to restore the long-abandoned synagogue in Vil’khivtsi, in western Ukraine near the border with Romania and Hungary, and turn it into a Jewish heritage museum and Holocaust memorial. Preservationists working on the building estimate … continue reading →

Italy: The soaring cupola of the Trieste synagogue is under restoration

(JHE) — The soaring cupola of the monumental synagogue in Trieste is undergoing restoration. The work, which began around New Years, is aimed at renovating the external structure, including restoring its original coloring. The €40,000 project is funded by Fondazione … continue reading →

Hungary: Two more synagogue building renovations, in Eger and Zalaegerszeg

  Former synagogues in the towns of Eger and Zalaegerszeg are the latest synagogue buildings in Hungary to undergo restoration and repair. Major renovation work at the former “New” Orthodox synagogue in Eger (in a renowned wine region of northeastern … continue reading →