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Jewish cemetery 2021 clean-ups — Round-up #3. They rarely grab headlines, but dozens of Jewish cemetery clean-ups by volunteers and others go on in many countries

For the third time this year, we are publishing a round-up of some of the many Jewish cemetery clean-up initiatives, by volunteers and others, taking place in various European countries. The occasional incidents of vandalism at Jewish cemeteries make headlines … continue reading →

Austria: Using QR Codes to provide information on Jewish gravestones and the people they commemorate. A significant — and painstaking — project

Today’s visitors to Jewish cemeteries are often frustrated by their inability to read the Hebrew inscriptions on the gravestones. In Eisenstadt, Austria, this has been remedied by the attachment of stickers with QR codes to each matzevah in the city’s … continue reading →

Lithuania: Archaeologists announce exciting discoveries at site of destroyed Vilna Great Synagogue, including Bimah, Ark, and silver Yad

  Discoveries in their just-completed sixth season of excavations at the site of the destroyed Great Synagogue in Vilnius include full exposure of the Aron Kodesh (Torah Ark) and the Bimah. The team of Israeli, Lithuanian, and  north American archaeologists even … continue reading →

European Day(s) of Jewish Culture — coming up soon!

Get ready! The annual European Day(s) of Jewish Culture is coming up soon — it officially kicks off in less than two weeks, on Sunday September 5th — the day before Erev Rosh Hashanah.. However, as usual in several countries … continue reading →