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  1. Hello!

    I just want to say that “Aristides de Sousa Mendes” museum, at “cabanas de viriato”, Portugal, will be ready in 2018. His house, where he gave home to some Jews after helping them escaping from France, in 1940, is already recovered. Well, I just thought this could be of some interest, as the foundation is still looking for descendanst of people that escaped from France helped by this man.

  2. The above comment framed into different local attitudes to the past and the preservation of heritage,Jewish history .
    Ostroh ‘s geographical situation may be defined as provincial.
    However provincial may differ like different continents vis a vis the history of my people.
    The village I live in may be described as indifferent to the past or at least a well preserved silence and non interest ,in the sixties the synagogue was ,let me say ,in every respect,out of place,and no longer exists,
    on the other hand not that far away ,let me say around 20 kilometers ,another village,Haaksbergen,and its attitude changing over time towards a nice,beautiful and simple little sjoel, synagogue ,since 1828,not that long ago restored with love,and nearby you will find the memorial tables,around a rectangle grass,with the names whom were murdered.Impressive.A silent Aufschrei!
    What I like to emphasize the essential differences on a provincial level!
    And the sjoel in Haaksbergen is the one I attend services,so that is the link to what I said about prejudices .

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