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A New Day for the Golden Rose in L’viv

4 comments on “A New Day for the Golden Rose in L’viv

  1. The Project has an aim to disconnect the religious Jews from that site of prayers. It was written clearly by the Mayor – the site is no more scared and Jews do not have to pray there. This is a continuous anti-Semitism supported by the secular experts who agreed to this destruction of Golden Rose sanctity. Many mistakes has been made already and the legal case was already done, this project was canceled by the Ukrainian courts.

  2. We at ACLS – The Association of Commemoration of Lwów Jewish Heritage and Sites are
    so delighted to see the past emerges from the present time living behind the negligence that marked the place for so many years.
    And now we all have to move forward and erect the memorial park on the ground of the historic graveyard of the city which is one more project that was chosen in the international contest.

  3. Certainly one of the most significant – and most overdue – heritage projects of central Europe and historic Galicia.

    Bravo, bravo.


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