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The Great Maharsha Synagogue in Ostroh: Memory and Oblivion. Have we reached the point of no return?

7 comments on “The Great Maharsha Synagogue in Ostroh: Memory and Oblivion. Have we reached the point of no return?

  1. My father’s family was also killed. He was saved because he was drafted by the Polish army and
    then sent to Siberia by the Russians.
    He told me the Goliks were kohanim and owned a mill and store. They had cousins named Finkelstein.

  2. website on magnificent Great Maharsha shul restoration with pictures:

    you may have to use to translate if you don’t know Ukrainian just type the URL above and type translate

    Even more important than the restoration of the physical Maharsha shul as exciting and important a project as it stands is for Yidden to learn the Chidushei Halachos/Agaddos of the Maharhsa. You cannot learn Tosafos without the Maharsha Chidushei halachos; you can’t appreciate Aggadita without the Maharsha Chidushei Aggados

  3. I visited Ostroh, and the Marshua shul in February 1995….

    One of the large cannonballs that hit – and stuck – in the incredibly thick walls of the shul, can still 9as of 1995) be seen in the local Ostroh museum…….

    My father’s entire family were shot in the forest outside Ostroh -where the Ukrainians have erected a very appropriate memorial (in Ukrainian and Yiddish if I recall- must check my photos)

    • The synagogue has been under restoration the past few years — an initiative sparked in part by this article. It’s very impressive work. Search the web site and you can find some updates

    • We have published quite a few articles about the ongoing restoration of the synagogue — use the search pane to find the in our News Feed

  4. An excellent price of work, well done and I am pleased to see it here.
    This brings me to a side question, how would I get in touch with the publishers and organizers of this website?
    I have tried previously and no one replied.


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