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  2. Hi, I’m trying to find your forum and feel like I’m going around in circles. I find a page that says click here for the forum and it takes me to another page that says click here for the forum which takes me back to the first page. The sidebar choices do the same.

    I’m making a trip to Kotesova, Slovakia and nearby towns in the Bytca District in May and I want to photograph the cemeteries. Every stone I can find, if I can. The Lo-Tishkach database is amazing but does not include them, except for the Hlink cemetery which is, oddly, listed as Komarno District – Nitra Region. Previously, these towns were all in the Trencsin District. I checked every entry from Slovakia.

    I have vague directions to the Kotesova cemetery but I’m transcribing the 19th century death records and it appears there are multiple cemeteries (not different names for the same one as the different names appear on the same record page). Some are in towns that I can’t even find modern names for (Kis Neustadl mainly) and others are clearly neighborhoods of Kotesso (Kotesova). I assume they’re all within the same 1-2 mile radius.

    For the Hlink nad Vahom cemetery, the links to show the cemetery or town in Google Maps do not work at all.

    Could you please point me to the forum where I might ask for help finding these places?


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