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Sweden: early 19th century wall paintings uncovered in old synagogue in Stockholm during renovation as new premises as Sweden Jewish Museum

Wall and ceiling paintings probably dating from the early 19th century have been discovered under thick layers of paint during the restoration of new premises for the Swedish Jewish Museum in the city’s oldest surviving synagogue building. According to a … continue reading →

Ten Synagogues in Belarus: news site publishes a photo essay of a ruined landscape

A news site in Belarus,,  has published a photo essay of 10 surviving synagogue buildings around the country — check it out! The synagogues in the photo essay include those in: Slonim    Bykhov  Ruzhany  Stolin   Grodno   Kobryn   Luzhki   Ashmiany   … continue reading →

Poland: the “virtual reconstruction” of the Great Synagogue in Warsaw restores memory and underscores the transcendent symbolism of architecture and built heritage

  . Architecture and built heritage can transcend the specific and become potent symbols for society. In light of the fire that has seriously damaged Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, we recall the destruction — and the “virtual rebirth” — … continue reading →

Slovakia: Jewish genealogist attempts to restore vast Jewish cemetery in Košice, stone by stone

A Jewish genealogist is attempting to restore the large Jewish cemetery in Košice, in eastern Slovakia, by rescuing and restoring fallen and broken headstones, one by one. Peter Absolon, who runs the Kosice-based Slovakia Jewish Genealogy Services, states that his … continue reading →