Jewish Heritage Europe

Greece: The restored synagogue in Trikala is officially rededicated after a full restoration

The restored Kal Kadosh Yavanim synagogue in Trikala, northern Greece, was officially rededicated with three days of events this month, following a full restoration that took place between 2017 and 2019. The events October 14-16 included religious services, an exhibition, a … continue reading →

Anniversary of Anniversaries: Events in November and December mark the 140th anniversary of the Great Synagogue in Bordeaux, France

The year 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of Jewish Heritage Europe. The theme of  our  birthday celebrations is the “Anniversary of Anniversaries” — that is, using JHE’s own anniversary to feature other significant or symbolic anniversaries. Here, we highlight the 140th anniversary of … continue reading →

Romania: With stunning virtual tours, a new portal digitally opens the doors to beautiful synagogues in five towns in western Romania

A new online portal opens the doors to eight ornate synagogues and the Jewish experience in five towns  and cities in western Romania: Reșița, Caransebeș, Lugoj, Timișoara, and Arad. The portal, “Stories of the Synagogues,” includes stunning 3D digital tours … continue reading →