Jewish Heritage Europe

December JHE Newsletter is out

The December Jewish Heritage Europe Newsletter is out. Our Newsletter includes links to JHE news, views, and insights on Jewish heritage issues from the past month — this month including news from Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Belarus,  Northern Ireland, Romania, Poland, … continue reading →

Listen to (or read) an interview with JHE Director Ruth Ellen Gruber

  JHE Director Ruth Ellen Gruber was interviewed this fall by Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio, which has posted the two-part conversation online along with the full transcripts. In Part 1 Ruth discusses her early career as a foreign correspondent … continue reading →

Holocaust and lost cultural and urban spaces in modern Ukraine — watch video of panel discussion

The JW3 Jewish Community Center in London on Dec. 18 hosted a panel discussion on the Holocaust and lost cultural and urban spaces in modern Ukraine. The event was co-sponsored by JW3, the Ukrainian Institute London, and Ukrainian Jewish Encounter. … continue reading →

New synagogues documentary film viewable on Arte TV web site

Synagogues: Absence and Presence — a documentary film by Celia Lowenstein — is available for viewing on the Arte TV web site, between December 22 and February 5, 2019. (NOTE: Viewers outside France may need to use a VPN to … continue reading →