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Update: Ruined synagogue in Raşcov gets most votes in competition for EU funding. Final funding decision will be based on votes as well as EU organizers’ opinion

The ruined Great Synagogue in Raşcov (Rashkov) received the most votes among 16 heritage sites on both sides of the Dniester River vying for  EU funding for preservation and restoration. Only 10 of the 16 possible sites will receive funding … continue reading →

UK: Willesden Jewish Cemetery gears up to reopen (after COVID closure) as multifaceted place of public heritage: an example of how Jewish cemeteries can be integrated into tourism while respecting the sanctity of the place

With a new “House of Life” web site, visitors’ center, and mini-documentary, the historic Willesden Jewish cemetery in northwest London is gearing up to reopen (when COVID-19 regulations allow) as a multifaceted visitor destination. These the latest steps in the … continue reading →

Jewish heritage tourism events this coming week — the pandemic has curtailed most tourism but there’s a lot on offer on the local level

The pandemic has curtailed much tourism — but there’s a lot going on on the local level in the coming week. Here are some of the upcoming Jewish heritage tourism events. If you find yourself in any of these locations … continue reading →

#SaveJewishHeritage Flashmob anyone? An invitation from Sasha Nazar, in Lviv

Like many involved in Jewish heritage work, Sasha Nazar, of the L’viv Volunteer Center (LVC) of the Hesed Arieh All-Ukrainian Jewish Charitable Foundation, is feeling frustrated that because of coronavirus measures he and his group can’t stage their annual summer … continue reading →