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Hungary update: orthodox synagogue in Makó reinaugurated, with new visitor center, after six-month renovation as part of EU-funded orthodox Jewish heritage route in eastern Hungary

The orthodox synagogue in Makó, southeastern Hungary, has been reinaugurated after a six-month renovation process, along with a new visitor center set up in an adjacent building. The August 27 ceremony was attended by both civil and religious figures, including … continue reading →

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the European Days of Jewish Culture (EDJC) festival kicks off next Sunday with a wide-ranging international eight-hour online program

    Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the annual European Days of Jewish Culture festival goes (partly) digital — it kicks off next Sunday (September 6) with an eight-hour online international program that includes a variety of virtual events including lectures, … continue reading →

Poland: The “Coalition of Guardians” is launched as a bid to link the many volunteers and projects dealing with Jewish cemeteries all over Poland; its web site links to a cemetery database

Photographing in the Jewish cemetery, Biala, Poland

A new initiative aims to foster and coordinate clean-up and restoration work at the nearly 1,500 Jewish cemeteries all around Poland. The new bid — called a Coalition of Guardians of Jewish Cemeteries in Poland — was announced by Piotr … continue reading →