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Turkey: Istanbul’s Jewish Museum revamps & changes venue

Istanbul’s Quincentennial Foundation Jewish Museum Of Turkey has revamped its permanent exhibition — and changed venues, moving from the Zulfaris synagogue, where it has been located since its inauguration in 2001, to the Neve Shalom synagogue. The Zufaris synagogue (built in … continue reading →

Slovakia: restoration of Lučenec synagogue nears completion

  The restoration of the long-abandoned Lipot Baumhorn-designed synagogue in Lučenec, Slovakia — and its transformation into a cultural center — is nearing completion. City authorities say it will be officially opened to the public with an inaugural event in May. The … continue reading →

Poland: town takes steps to protect Jewish cemetery

The town of Grodzisk Mazowiecki in central Poland has taken steps to preserve its Jewish cemetery from property development and has ordered clean-up of the site to begin. Mayor  Grzegorz Benedykciński was quoted by the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper as saying there … continue reading →

New Jewish heritage and travel apps for Greece

  A new smartphone and tablet app — Salonika Jewish Legacy — takes users on a tour of Jewish heritage and history in Thessaloniki, Greece. The app is the second in a series of apps on Jewish heritage in Greek cities. The first, for Ioannina, released in 2014, includes an interactive … continue reading →