Jewish Heritage Europe

Two thoughtful takes on Jewish heritage, display and tourism

    Two commentators have authored thoughtful takes this past week on Jewish heritage, display, and tourism. We have cited both of them in the past — journalist Liam Hoare and photographer/writer Jason Francisco — but these two most recent … continue reading →

Jason Francisco on attempting to re-imagine presence in absence

  The writer and photographer Jason Francisco has written a powerful text-and-photo essay called “Footprints and Footsteps” centering on his attempts to re-imagine destroyed synagogues (or another building) by closely exploring the space — in many ways now a void … continue reading →

FODŻ publishes new downloadable book on its restoration work in Poland

  The Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland  (FODŻ) has published a second volume of  “Preserving Jewish Heritage in Poland” highlighting its work in preserving and protecting Jewish heritage in Poland. It can be fully downloaded in PDF … continue reading →