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Belarus: finding, recovering, fencing a devastated Jewish cemetery

  The devastated Jewish cemetery in  the small town of Lohishyn, Belarus has a new fence, largely thanks to a descendant from the town, working together with local people including a school teacher and the mayor. Mimi Kim Klausner, an … continue reading →

Kaliningrad/Königsberg synagogue addendum — a pre-WW2 ex libris depicts the synagogue

In response to our post about the new near-replica synagogue in Kaliningrad, Russia (formerly Königsberg, East Prussia), JHE friend Prof. Carsten Wilke of Central European University has sent us this image of a book plate (ex libris) that features a … continue reading →

Russia: New near replica synagogue in Kaliningrad/Königsberg now stands on site of synagogue destroyed on Kristallnacht

  Exactly 80 years after the grandiose New Synagogue in Kaliningrad, Russia — formerly Königsberg, East Prussia — was destroyed on Kristallnacht, a newly constructed near replica of the great domed building was dedicated on the same spot where the … continue reading →