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Russia: Jewish cemetery repaired, rededicated at Lubavitch, cradle of Chabad

A ceremony this past week celebrated the completion of a preservation and fencing project at the Jewish cemetery in Lubavitch, Russia, the village near Smolensk where the Chabad movement was was based for more than 100 years and where some of its … continue reading →

History, Art, Context: new book on Metropolitan Jewish Cemeteries in Central and Eastern Europe, by Rudolf Klein

Rudolf Klein’s magisterial new book, Metropolitan Jewish Cemeteries, is a richly illustrated, detailed examination of 19th and 20th century Jewish cemeteries in Eastern and Central European cities in all their aspects — funerary art, layout, topography, architecture, the impact of … continue reading →

New Have Your Say: Medieval Lecce and its “not-knowing-for-sure” Jewish museum

In our new “Have Your Say” op-ed, the Prague-based educator, curator, and filmmaker Martin Šmok reviews the  privately established Jewish museum that opened in 2016 in Lecce, at the very tip of the heel of Italy’s boot, where Jews flourished in the … continue reading →