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Mazel tov!! Raşcov Great Synagogue wins EU competition for preservation funding — thanks to all our readers who voted!

(JHE) — Mazel tov! The roofless, ruined Great Synagogue in Raşcov (Rashkov) will be one of the 10 heritage sites on both sides of the Dniester River to receive  EU funding for preservation and restoration. The EU Confidence Building Measure program  … continue reading →

Poland update: Polychrome wall paintings in Włodawa Beit Midrash to be restored w/ EU grant. Culmination of fullscale revitalization of historic 3-synagogue complex, now a museum

(JHE) — The polychrome wall paintings in the Beit Midrash of the historic synagogue complex in Włodawa, Poland will be restored in a two-year,  €1.2 million operation mostly funded by the EU. The restoration will be the culmination of a … continue reading →

UK: Time capsule from the 1870s discovered in the Victorian synagogue housing the Manchester Jewish Museum

A hidden Jewish time capsule dating back nearly 150 years has been discovered during construction work in the former synagogue that houses the Manchester Jewish Museum. Workers found the time capsule — a large, sealed glass jar tightly stuffed with … continue reading →