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Gravestones desecrated in Vienna

  Vandals have toppled or damaged 43 gravestones in the Jewish section of Vienna’s Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery). Police are investigating. “We are deeply dismayed at this level of vandalism,” Jewish community President Oscar Deutsch stated Friday after inspecting the site. … continue reading →

Restoration work milestone at Vienna’s oldest Jewish Cemetery

Restoration work has been going on for many years at the Jewish cemetery on Seegasse St., the oldest preserved Jewish cemetery in Vienna. The Vienna city government’s culture department reports that a milestone in the process recently took place: “The … continue reading →

Plans to Restore Ruined Synagogue/Yeshiva in Chisinau

  JTA runs a story about Jews in Moldova that includes information on a project by wealthy local Jewish businessmen to restore the Tirilson yeshiva/synagogue, now a ruined shell in Chisinau but listed as a cultural heritage monument. The ruin … continue reading →

Jewish Community Museum opens in Bratislava

    The world’s newest Jewish museum — the museum of the Jewish community of Bratislava — opened in the women’s gallery of the city’s sole remaining synagogue (at Heydukova 11-13) on Sunday, June 17. JHE coordinater Ruth Ellen Gruber … continue reading →