Jewish Heritage Europe

Czech 10 Stars Restoration in Březnice nearing completion

Restoration work on the synagogue in Březnice, Czech Republic (about an hour’s drive south of Prague) is nearing completion, as part of the nationwide 10 Stars project. Dedication is set for this coming autumn. Jewish Heritage Europe coordinator Ruth Ellen Gruber … continue reading →

More on the complexities of Jewish heritage preservation & strategy in L’viv

After Israeli journalist Shimon Briman published an article in the Kiev daily Den (The Day) about Jewish heritage preservation and strategy in L’viv, the L’viv Jewish heritage activist Meylakh Sheykhat published a response in the same newspaper. Since we linked … continue reading →

Lo Tishkach and Ukrainian VAAD Jewish cemetery survey

Lo Tishkach, the massive Jewish cemetery survey and database project, has announced expanded research and documentation of Jewish cemeteries in Ukraine, in cooperation with the Ukrainian Jewish VAAD umbrella group. Beginning in early June, the VAAD will start surveying the … continue reading →