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Exhibition in Krakow will show 3-D reconstruction of Medieval Jewish quarter

  An exhibit opening next week in Krakow’s gothic Old Synagogue (which has housed the Jewish branch of the city’s history museum for more than 50 years) will present a three dimensional reconstruction of the old Jewish quarter, Kazimierz, as … continue reading →

Hazards of visiting old cemeteries department….

In the “hazards of visiting overgrown Jewish cemeteries” department…. Luis Cicerone describes on his “TravelTooth” blog being chased by feral dogs in one of Bucharest’s Jewish cemeteries… Stray dogs are a common sight in Bucharest, but it seems that cemeteries … continue reading →

Full results of the Weissensee cemetery documentation published

The complete results of the documentation of the Weissensee Jewish cemetery in Berlin have been published as 115.628 Berliners. The Weißensee Jewish Cemetery – Documentation of the Comprehensive Survey of the Burial Sites (Berlin, 2013). The entire text is provided in … continue reading →