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The Venice Ghetto in Visual (and Architectural) Terms

The Ghetto of Venice received much attention in 2016, through a series of events that marked the 500th anniversary of its inception, in 1516. We’d like to draw attention to a recent book by Reed College Professor Dana E. Katz, … continue reading →

Slovakia: New Bratislava exhibit honors Slovak Jewish Heritage pioneer Eugen Bárkány

The Bratislava Jewish Community Museum opened its 2018 season with a special exhibit honoring Eugen Bárkány, a pioneer in the preservation, documentation, and display of Jewish heritage in Slovakia. Bárkány (1885-1967) was an engineer and building contractor from Prešov, in … continue reading →

Hungary: the sculptural Jewish tombs by famed architect Béla Lajta

An article in Apollo international art magazine highlights the work of the late 19th-early 20th century Hungarian Jewish architect Bela Lajta — including the remarkable sculptural tombs he designed in Budapest’s Jewish cemeteries. Writes Edward Heathcote: Lajta’s mausoleums in the … continue reading →

Shavuot — images of the 10 Commandments to mark the holiday

The festival of Shavuot, which begins Saturday night, marks the reception of the Torah — and Ten Commandments — at Mt. Sinai. Jews traditionally go to synagogue on Shavuot to hear the Ten Commandments read out: 1. I am the Lord … continue reading →