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Hungary: A grand new outdoor mural in Szeged celebrates local Jewish cultural heritage — and the stained glass artist Manó Róth

A bold new outdoor mural in Szeged, in southeastern Hungary, recognizes the city’s important Jewish heritage — and art.  The mural, by local artists Ákos Marton and Leó Vinkó, extends for some 150-200 square meters on the firewall of a … continue reading →

UK: A free new “Jews of London” self-guided walking tour launched

The COVID vaccine roll-out is raising hopes for eased restrictions on travel and visits to cultural sites. Just in time — United Synagogue, the British orthodox synagogue umbrella, has launched a free new smartphone self-guided walking tour of historic Jewish … continue reading →

For Earth Day 2021: a JHE photo essay — Nature in synagogue and Jewish cemetery decorative art

Earth Day has been celebrated this week. Taking place annually on April 22, it was founded in 1970 to demonstrate support for environmental protection — and now sees events all around the world.  In honor of Earth Day, we present … continue reading →