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UK: Detailed laser scan carried out of the former synagogue in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. Latest step in project to restore the building and create a Jewish Heritage Center

A comprehensive laser scan of the 19th century former synagogue in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales has been carried out, as a major step in the ongoing long-term project to restore the site and create a Welsh Jewish Heritage Center. Dating from … continue reading →

Call for Papers: Webinar in July on Restoring Jewish Cemeteries in Poland

We are pleased to share this Call for Papers for a two-hour webinar on preserving Jewish cemeteries in Poland, to be held online July 1. Confirmed keynote speakers include : Michał Laszczkowski, President of the Coalition of Guardians of Jewish Cemeteries … continue reading →

Turkey: 200-year-old former synagogue in Istanbul’s Hasköy quarter is being restored as a library. It had been used as a “hookah cafe”

A 200-year-old former synagogue in the Hasköy quarter of the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, used in recent years as “hookah cafe,” is undergoing restoration to become a library and youth center. Citing information received from the district administration, the Anadolu … continue reading →

Serbia: Restoration of the former “Small Synagogue” in Senta is underway, funded by the Hungarian government

Restoration work is underway at the former “Small Synagogue” in Senta, located in northern Serbia not far from the border with Hungary. The project is funded by a 220-million-forint (around €611.000) allocation from the Hungarian government and is expected to … continue reading →

Ukraine: Death of Mykhailo Vorobets, longtime guardian of Jewish heritage and memory in Rohatyn

The Jewish heritage world is filled with often unsung local heroes and heroines —  non Jewish people who devote time, energy, and passion to preserving, maintaining, documenting, and caring for Jewish heritage sites and memory. One of these was Mykhailo … continue reading →