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Have Your Say: Cleaning up a Jewish Cemetery — Performing a Mitzvah but Questioning the Process

JHE contributor Michele Migliori recently took part in the clean up of a neglected Jewish cemetery in Tállya, a wine-making village in a remote part of Hungary. In his Have Your Say personal essay, “Cleaning up a Jewish Cemetery: Performing … continue reading →

Lithuania: Archaeologists uncover part of destroyed, pre-WW2 shulhoyf in Pakruojis (that was anchored by the surviving, and recently restored wooden synagogue)

(JHE) — Archaeologists in recent months discovered elements of the destroyed pre-World War II synagogue complex in Pakruojis, Lithuania, that once had three synagogues anchored by the surviving wooden synagogue (the so-called summer synagogue), which was recently fully restored. At … continue reading →

Lithuania: The wooden synagogues in Alanta and Kurkliai are under restoration

(JHE) — The small wooden synagogues in Alanta and Kurkliai, Lithuania, are under restoration. In Kurkliai, according to the news site, maintenance and conservation work has been going on since 2019. The logs of the walls were strengthened and rotten logs … continue reading →