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Izmir Synagogue Restoration Progress — Beit Hillel Synagogue Restored!

Work is progressing on the ambitious project to restore the unique complex of synagogues and Jewish sites in Izmir — the latest good news is that the restoration of the Beit Hillel synagogue, which had been dilapidated to the point … continue reading →

Summer opening hours announced for former synagogue in St. Pölten, Austria

Summer opening hours have been announced for the magnificent former synagogue in St. Pölten, Austria, about 60 km west of Vienna. Since 1988 the building has been part of the complex housing the Institute for Jewish History in Austria. The Institute carries … continue reading →

Independent movie fund-raising for repair of Sabbioneta synagogue

A young filmmaker, Ghila Valabrega,   is fund-raising to finance a short movie  that itself is conceived as a means to raise funding to repair the 19th century synagogue in Sabbioneta, Italy (a UNESCO world heritage site) which was badly damaged … continue reading →

Good & bad news cemetery briefs, from Poland and Hungary

A quick round-up of some recent Jewish cemetery developments:   GOOD (AND GOODISH) NEWS   Restored Cemetery The Jewish cemetery in Głogów Małopolski, Poland was rededicated on May 12 after fencing and restoration work. The work included the reconstruction of an … continue reading →