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Names at the memorial at the former Nazi death camp in Belzec, Poland


Today is Yom ha Shoah, Israel and the Jewish world’s annual day of remembrance of the Holocaust. As we have done in the past (and also on International Holocaust Remembrance Day in January), we highlight some of the many monuments and memorials that keep alive the memory of those who were murdered — and the living Jewish worlds that were destroyed — by naming names.

Though many Holocaust memorials are massive constructions or different types of sculptural monuments, others are more personal, listing the names — often thousands of them, and often just the first names — of those who died, or using fragments of shattered gravestones from destroyed Jewish cemeteries to construct memorial walls. Or specifically noting individually Jewish communities that were destroyed.

Here are some…..  We have posted some of these images in the past, but it is always important to remember. May the memories of those recalled here be a blessing; may their souls be bound up in the bond of life.

Florence, Italy: Holocaust memorial in the garden of the Synagogue


Budapest. Holocaust memorial in Kozma utca Jewish cemetery. People have written in names that were missed.


Warsaw. Umschlagplatz memorial.


Stolpersteine, Berlin


Holocaust memorial in Satu Mare, Romania


Holocaust memorial in Satu Mare, Romania


Names on the main memorial in Budapest’s Kozma utca cemetery, showing where people added information


The so-called “wailing wall” at the Old Jewish Cemetery, Krakow


List of victims in the synagogue in Mad, Hungary


Home page of the Dutch online Internactive Holocaust Memorial — which has information on individual victims


Prague. Holocaust memorial in Pinkas synagogue. Photo: Øyvind Holmstad via Wikimeida. CC BY-SA 3.0


Stolpersteine in Budapest



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