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Shavuot — images of the 10 Commandments to mark the holiday

The festival of Shavuot, which begins Saturday night, marks the reception of the Torah — and Ten Commandments — at Mt. Sinai. Jews traditionally go to synagogue on Shavuot to hear the Ten Commandments ...


Click on a country to take you to that country's home page, where you will find bibliographies, Jewish communal contacts, and links to Jewish museums, cultural and research institutions with Jewish holdings or focus, Jewish heritage and heritage sites, news items — and much more. (Rather than provide extensive information for most heritage sites, we have aggregated links and link to local web sites and data bases where you can find details.)

Some of the country pages have less content than others… Jewish Heritage Europe is a developing resource and we are adding more and more content on a daily basis — so please come back!


Visit the JHE Jewish Cemeteries Portal, where we draw together news, information and resources about Jewish cemeteries and gravestones, as well as information on best-practices and on preservation and documentation. If you have a question you can ask for advice on projects — through the new EJCAN European Jewish Cemetery Advisory Network.
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Ruth Ellen Gruber in Krakow's Jewish quarter, Kazimierz. Photo © Chuck Fishman

… a note from the JHE Coordinator

With the launch of our revamped web site, Ruth Ellen Gruber, the Coordinator of Jewish Heritage Europe, takes a moment to reflect on the development of JHE since we went online in 2012.

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Upcoming events

15:30 Eugen Bárkány exhibition opens @ Bratislava Jewish Community Museum
Eugen Bárkány exhibition opens @ Bratislava Jewish Community Museum
May 24 @ 15:30 – 16:30
  The Bratislava Jewish Community Museum opens its 2018 season with a special exhibition dedicated to Eugen Bárkány,  the pioneer of Jewish heritage preservation in Slovakia.  Bárkány (1885-1967) was an engineer and building contractor, but also an ardent collector and ... continue reading →
22:00 Night of the Synagogues 7@Nite @ Krakow - Kazimierz
Night of the Synagogues 7@Nite @ Krakow - Kazimierz
May 26 @ 22:00 – May 27 @ 02:45
Night of the Synagogues 7@Nite @ Krakow - Kazimierz | Kraków | małopolskie | Poland
The rapper Kosha Dillz performs in the Tempel synagogue on 7@Nite 2016 The Eighth annual edition of  7@Nite or the Night of the Synagogues, when the seven synagogues in Krakow’s old Jewish quarter Kazimierz are open to the public with ... continue reading →
12:00 Inauguration of restored Choral ... @ Drohobych
Inauguration of restored Choral ... @ Drohobych
Jun 17 @ 12:00 – 13:30
Inauguration of restored Choral Synagogue @ Drohobych | Drohobych | Lviv Oblast | Ukraine
  The inauguration of the Choral Synagogue in Drohobych, Ukraine, following more than a decade of fitfull renovation. A monumental synagogue whose facade features a tall, rectangular arch over the main portal, perhaps the largest synagogue in eastern Galicia; built ... continue reading →
10:00 Roots workshop @ JW3 London
Roots workshop @ JW3 London
Jun 17 @ 10:00 – 18:00
The workshop has 5 themes – Heritage, Genealogy, Holocaust, Memory, and Travelling. Each theme will have a short presentation given either by an expert or by an experienced amateur, with historians on hand who specialize in the history of Jews ... continue reading →
14:00 Book launch: 200 Years of Scotti... @ Scottish Jewish Archives
Book launch: 200 Years of Scotti... @ Scottish Jewish Archives
Jun 17 @ 14:00 – 15:00
Launch of the new book Two Hundred Years of Scottish Jewry, published in conjunction with the International Institute of Jewish Genealogy in Jerusalem. Speakers will include the  historian Sir Tom Devine as well as Dr Neville Lamdan, Chair of the ... continue reading →
all-day Association for Gravestone Studi...
Association for Gravestone Studi...
Jun 19 – Jun 25 all-day
AGS holds an annual conference every June. Held in a different location each year, the conference features lectures, demonstrations, exhibits, conservation and documentation workshops, classroom sessions, slide presentations, and guided cemetery tours. The AGS deals mainly with American general cemeteries, ... continue reading →
09:00 Framing the Sacred: Shrines in E... @ Bar Ilan University
Framing the Sacred: Shrines in E... @ Bar Ilan University
Jun 19 @ 09:00 – 18:00
Framing the Sacred: Shrines in European Architecture workshop @ Bar Ilan University | Ramat Gan | Tel Aviv District | Israel
International Workshop “Framing the Sacred Shrines in European Architecture,” Bar-Ilan University, June 19-20, 2018 Click here to see full program and abstracts