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European Days of Jewish Culture start Sunday!

Heads up! This year’s annual European Days of Jewish Culture officially kick off on Sunday, Sept. 2.

That means scores — hundreds — of Jewish heritage events in more than two dozen countries all over Europe – guided tours, lectures, performances, exhibitions, “open doors” visits, concerts, book fairs, and more.

This year’s theme is “Storytelling.” That’s because, states the EDJC web site:

Storytelling is a cutting-edge tool in the dissemination strategies of historical heritage, turning this initiative into a great opportunity to explore different areas of the tangible and intangible Jewish European heritage.

Content to aid organizers in all countries is being provided by the National Library of Israel.

Though September 2 is the official “Day,” events in some countries take place over a week or more, and some countries have chosen other dates.

On the EDJC web site you can find a drop-down menu with the programs of events for participating countries.

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