Jewish Museums in Norway closed because of potential threat


Police have advised the Jewish Museums in Oslo and Trondheim, Norway, to close to the public because of an unspecified terrorist threat in Norway. Other key sites such as City Hall, the Parliament and Palace were also closed.

The web site of the Jewish Museum in Oslo says that the museum is closed at least July 24-28.

JTA reports that police advised the museum to close “amid reports that jihadists with fighting experience from Syria were planning an imminent terrorist attack on Norwegian soil. Extra security was posted at other potential targets, including  Oslo’s main airport.”  

The NRK broadcaster quoted  Rolf Kirschner, vice-chairman of the board of the Jewish Museum in Oslo, as saying the museum board would monitor the situation to determine whether and when the museum could be reopened.

“It is sad.” he was quoted as saying. “We have excellent previous exhibitions and many tourists visit, but we can not put the lives of our employees and visitors were in danger.”

Local media said the  smaller Jewish museum in Trondheim had been advised to close until further notice.

Four people were killed in an attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Belgium in May.




One thought on “Jewish Museums in Norway closed because of potential threat

  1. I had no idea it would so “controversial” today .It proved to me it was always present,there is some morbid need for this hate, literally from the ashes would take/took all, even imaginary,Jewish.!Extremely easy.
    Never,never any surrender again.

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