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Documentation: Simon Geissbuehler in Romania, Ukraine & Moldova

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  1. My grandparents, uncles, aunts are buried in the mass graves of Transnistria, my mother 97, is still alive and well and wrote a memoir of her experiences in Bershad.

    I was fascinated to read of your concern about these abandoned cemeteries. The children in local community schools should do something to atone for the sins of their grandparents who contributed to the suffering and death of these innocent Jewish civilians who starved, froze and died of typhus at the hands of Romanian and Ukrainian locals. Many of the soldiers went to school with my mother and became monsters overnight.
    How this could happen is a haunting question, but Romania has never taken any responsibility for their complicity with the Nazis.

    Thank you for your scholarly contributions to the study of Bukovina’s Jews. I salute you.

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