Jewish Heritage Europe

Forum Remembrance of Jewish Heritage in Poland

November 21, 2019 @ 09:30 – 17:00
Memorial House Upper Silesian Jews
Na Piasku
44-100 Gliwice
Forum Remembrance of Jewish Heritage in Poland @ Memorial House Upper Silesian Jews | Gliwice | śląskie | Poland

Second day of a two-day conference on the protection and care of Jewish cemeteries in Poland.

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Participants include representatives of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Association of Polish Cities, Silesian Conservator, for the Rabbinical Commission on cemeteries, NGOs, and others. 

Topics include:

1. Polish legal issues and the protection of Jewish cemeteries.
2. What action to protect Jewish cemeteries should be taken by state authorities, local government, Jewish communities and NGOs?
3. What role should non-governmental organizations play in the care of  Jewish cemeteries?
4. How can the progressive degradation of these place be stopped?
5. What activities in this area are taken in other European countries?
6. How to document Jewish cemeteries and keep them in the collective memory?

Organizers say the aim is primarily to exchange knowledge and experiences with the wider care of Jewish cemeteries, and ultimately the development of a catalog of good practices, which could be a compendium of knowledge about the possibilities and ways to protect Jewish cemeteries in Poland. They would like to subsequently help institutions possessing the right tools and resources, but lacking the knowledge and skills to systematically and effectively take care of Jewish cemeteries.