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Symposium honoring James Young @ UMass Amherst
Feb 5 @ 10:00 – 17:30

The UMass Amherst Institute for Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies hosts a daylong symposium honoring the work of James Young, Distinguished Professor emeritus of English and Judaic and Near Eastern studies and founding director of the institute.

The symposium, “Edges, Textures, Stages: James Young and the Field of Memory Studies,” will be followed by a reception until 6:30 p.m. The symposium and reception are free and open to the public.

Young, an important figure in the field of memory studies, taught at UMass Amherst from 1988 until his retirement in 2018. He also has consulted with municipal agencies in developing memorials and was a jury member for the National 9/11 Memorial competition.

He is the author of “Writing and Rewriting the Holocaust,” “The Texture of Memory,” “At Memory’s Edge: After-images of the Holocaust in Contemporary Art and Architecture,” and “The Stages of Memory: Reflections on Memorial Art, Loss, and the Spaces Between.”

The symposium will feature panel talks by visiting scholars, including:

  • Lawrence Douglas, James J. Grosfeld Professor of Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought at Amherst College and author of “The Right Wrong Man: John Demjanjuk and the Last Great Nazi War Crimes Trial”
  • Alice M. Greenwald, president and chief executive officer of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum
  • Debórah Dwork, Rose Professor of Holocaust History, founding director of the Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Clark University and co-author of “Flight from the Reich: Refugee Jews, 1933-1946” and “Auschwitz”
  • Horst Hoheisel, sculpture artist and designer of “counter-monuments” such as “The Crushed Brandenburg Gate”
  • Laura Levitt, professor of religion, Jewish studies and gender at Temple University and author of “American Jewish Loss after the Holocaust”
  • Samuel Kassow, Charles H. Northam Professor of History at Trinity College and author of “Who will Write our History: Emanuel Ringelblum and the Oyneg Shabes Archive”
Guides training seminar on Polish Hasidism @ Lublin
May 19 – May 24 all-day

At Lag B’Omer, a training seminar for tour guides on Hasidic history and heritage will be held — in English, sponsored by several institutions and organizations in cooperation with local Jewish bodies and Bar Ilan University.

The aims are:

  •  to improve knowledge about Hasidism, especially Seer of Lublin and his students
  •  to improve guiding and storytelling skills
  •  to visit sites most important for the history of Hasidism in eastern Poland
  • to meet people from all over Poland, Israel and abroad

The seminar will include:

  • Study Groups Relating to “The Seer of Lublin” and His Hasidic Court: Historical and Theological Background
  • Lectures of Israeli and Polish experts
  • Hasidic Tales and Music
  • Lag Baomer Celebration
  • Study tours in: Lublin – Leżajsk – Łańcut  – Kock

Registration is open till March 31, 2019.

For more information and registration: 
Agata Radkowska-Parka :

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Click here to find full details, program, and application process

Click here for a pdf leaflet about the seminar

Click here for full program PDF


Reinauguration Hârlâu synagogue @ Hârlâu synagogue
Jun 13 all-day
Reinauguration Hârlâu synagogue @ Hârlâu synagogue | Hârlău | Județul Iași | Romania

The synagogue in Hârlâu, Romania will be rededicated following restoration.

A day-long program of events starts at 10:30 a.m. (See photo)




Discussing Future Use of the Pacov Synagogue @ Chateau, Pacov, CZ
Aug 4 @ 09:00 – 16:00
Discussing Future Use of the Pacov Synagogue @ Chateau, Pacov, CZ | Pacov | Kraj Vysočina | Czechia

One-day seminar to discuss ideas for the future use of the former synaogue in Pacov, CZ, followed by a tour of the building.



9.45–11am Tobiáš Smolík: Columbaria, Clubhouses, Fairgrounds: Current Faces and Roles of the Jewish Museums
11.15am–12.15pm Michal Arend: Can Former Pacov Synagogue Remain One Even When There Are No Jews in Pacov and Surrounds Anymore?
12.30–2pm: Lunch break
2.15–3.45pm Pavel Tychtl: 20th Century History of Pacov Jews in the Light of Newly Discovered Sources

5–6pm: Synagogue tour


Virtual tour – Villa Randanini Jewish catacombs, Rome
Jun 18 @ 17:00 – 18:30

A virtual tour of the extensive ancient Roman-era Jewish catacombs, hosted by the Gruppo Archeologico Romano.

Reservations are necessary — click the link to find out how to register and pay for the ticket —


Live online guided tour @ Jewish Timisoara, Romania
Jul 12 @ 18:30 – 20:00
Live online guided tour @ Jewish Timisoara, Romania | Timișoara | Timiș County | Romania

There will be a live virtual tour of Jewish Timisoara, hosted and broadcast live on the Travel to Facebook page

The guides will include Getta Neumann, author of a Jewish guidebook to Timisoara.
We will broadcast the event live on our Facebook page.


Connecting Small Histories: a Festival of Local Heritage @ Online Zoom event
Mar 15 – Mar 25 all-day
Connecting Small Histories: a Festival of Local Heritage @ Online Zoom event

The Festival brings together both the work of the National Lottery Heritage project “Connecting Small Histories” and 12 other major Jewish Heritage projects.

“Connecting Small Histories” draws the footprint of Jewish life in what are now small or former communities across the United Kingdom. Through stories and memories it identifies the Jewish legacy in the local economies and culture, beginning with six very different locations, Eastbourne, St Annes, Bradford, Sunderland, Cumbria and Somerset.

After almost twelve months of work, the History Festival begins the telling of these “Small Histories”, bringing both them and a wide selection of projects from the project’s Heritage Hub to a wider public.

The program brings together story tellers, academics, our volunteer researchers and the research team, to paint a picture of Jewish life and heritage spread wide across the country, in towns and countryside.

Jewish Heritage Europe is delighted to be one of the partners of this event!

Click here to see the program and register for the online events



Symposium: Transitions – On the Jewish Diaspora in Europe @ Webinar - online
Mar 21 – Mar 22 all-day
Symposium: Transitions - On the Jewish Diaspora in Europe @ Webinar - online

Organized by the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt, an excellent line-up or scholars, activists, and professionals will discuss some of the changes Jews and Jewish life have undergone in Europe over the past 30 years (or so).


Click here to see the program


Moreshet seminar – adaptive reuse of Jewish religious properties @ Online webinar
May 11 @ 18:00 – May 12 @ 19:30
Moreshet seminar - adaptive reuse of Jewish religious properties @ Online webinar


A 1-1/2 day seminar of the Moreshet project, an EU-funded Jewish heritage project linking half a dozen towns and cities in Europe.

Theme of the seminar (which barring COVID would have taken place in Mantova, Italy) is  “Adapt to Reuse”, dealing with aspects related to recovering and reusing of Jewish religious properties. The online event will give the opportunity, through case studies, to learn and identify the possibilities, outline problems and evaluate solutions in the area of Jewish heritage Architecture.

(Our picture shows a Jewish museum in a former synagogue in Trani, Italy.)

The opening session on Tuesday 11 May at 18:00 CET, will be introduced by a narrated concert, music by Salomone Rossi Mantovano, followed by official greetings and a keynote presentation.

The Seminar working session on Wednesday 12 May, is divided into morning and afternoon blocks. At the end of each block  a workshop discussion will be held.

The morning session will concentrate on case studies from Italy, such as: cemeteries, disused synagogues, and an archeological site. The second session will be dedicated to case studies from outside Italy.

Click here to see the program


Jewish Bialystok virtual tour @ Online event
May 19 @ 19:00 – 20:00
Jewish Bialystok virtual tour @ Online event

Take a a virtual tour of Bialystok with Tomasz Wisniewski, an expert in Jewish history of Podlasie region, who will guide viewers through the city space and history of Bialystok, a home to Jewish community from the mid-17th century. Join in to listen to the history of Jewish community of Bialystok: its role in the rapid development of the town in the 19th century, social and cultural life in early 20th century, and the fate of Jews during Soviet and Nazi occupation.

The tour is part of the regular “Zoom in” program of the Forum for Dialogue NGO.

Wisniewski has been working for more than 30 years to preserve the memory of the Jewish communities of Poland’s eastern borderland. He created the web site as an online museum of Jewish history in the region and he received the POLIN museum award in 2018.

He has written several books, including a guidebook to Jewish Bialystok and surroundings, and on his YouTube channel  you can find more than 2,000 films presenting Jewish history of the region. He has documented Jewish cemeteries and runs the site, which collects data on almost 40,000  tombstones, mainly Jewish ones, and also presents other heritage information.

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