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Hidden Treasures from the UK’s Synagogues @ webinar
Oct 18 @ 18:00 – 19:00

A live online event to discuss and display photo collections and other “hidden treasures” from the archives of synagogues in the UK.

  • Professor David Newman – Ben Gurion University
  • Rachel Lichtenstein – Sandys Row synagogue and Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Lizzy Baker – Tyne and Wear Archives

The event can be watched live on Hidden Treasures web site or on HT’s Facebook and Twitter pages. The discussion will be recorded and will be available to watch on the HT web site after the event.

The feature picture shows the opening of Hull Central Synagogue, Cogan Street • Hull History Centre.

Connecting Small Histories: a Festival of Local Heritage @ Online Zoom event
Mar 15 – Mar 25 all-day
Connecting Small Histories: a Festival of Local Heritage @ Online Zoom event

The Festival brings together both the work of the National Lottery Heritage project “Connecting Small Histories” and 12 other major Jewish Heritage projects.

“Connecting Small Histories” draws the footprint of Jewish life in what are now small or former communities across the United Kingdom. Through stories and memories it identifies the Jewish legacy in the local economies and culture, beginning with six very different locations, Eastbourne, St Annes, Bradford, Sunderland, Cumbria and Somerset.

After almost twelve months of work, the History Festival begins the telling of these “Small Histories”, bringing both them and a wide selection of projects from the project’s Heritage Hub to a wider public.

The program brings together story tellers, academics, our volunteer researchers and the research team, to paint a picture of Jewish life and heritage spread wide across the country, in towns and countryside.

Jewish Heritage Europe is delighted to be one of the partners of this event!

Click here to see the program and register for the online events



Czech Day of Jewish Monuments
Aug 8 all-day

The fourth edition of the Day of Jewish Monuments in the Czech Republic. There is a smartphone app as well as an interactive map on the Day’s web site to help visitors.

More than 50 selected Jewish heritage sites in more than 40 towns in Bohemia, Moravia, and Czech Silesia will be open to visitors. They include synagogues, Jewish cemeteries, museums, and other sites. Some of them are generally closed to the public;  some have recently undergone extensive renovation or are in the process of restoration.

There are various associated events such as guided tours and concerts.

The event is organized by the Jewish community in Prague in cooperation with Matana, the administrative body for Jewish property, the Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic and other regional partners.


Reopening Plzen Great Synagogue @ Great Synagogu, Plzen
Apr 10 @ 17:00 – 20:00
Reopening Plzen Great Synagogue @ Great Synagogu, Plzen | Plzeňský kraj | Czechia

The official reopening ceremony of the Great synagogue in Plzen, Czech Republic, following  a three-year restoration of the synagogue interior and nearby Rabbi’s house. A permanent exhibition on Jewish monuments in the Pilsen region will be opened, in the women’s gallery. It is based on the photographs of Radovan Kodera.

A procession  will bring a Torah scroll  from the Old to the Great Synagogue and ceremoniously place it in the ark.

Following will be a ceremonial program with speeches by the Culture Minister, the head of the tiny local Jewish community, and others. A concert will feature compositions inspired by Jewish prayers, adapted for the occasion. 




Czech Day of Jewish Monuments @ All over
Aug 14 all-day
Czech Day of Jewish Monuments @ All over | Czechia

The annual Day of Jewish Monuments in the Czech Republic opens Jewish heritage sites all over the country to visitors.

(It does not seems to be coordinated within the umbrella of the European Day of Jewish Culture).

On the web site, you can find lists of events and an interactive map with a list of participating sites and opening hours.

Licoricia of Winchester: Heritage and Memory of Medieval Anglo Jewry @ The Arc, Winchester
May 21 @ 13:30 – 14:30
Licoricia of Winchester: Heritage and Memory of Medieval Anglo Jewry @ The Arc, Winchester | England | United Kingdom

A round-table discussion, plus optional walking tours through the “invisible” medieval Jewish history of Winchester. The Roundtable is free, the walking tours — at 10:30-11:30am or 11:30-12:30pm, cost £5. 

The event event focuses on Licoricia of Winchester and the heritage and memory of medieval Anglo-Jewry.

The bronze statue of the remarkable Anglo-Jewish woman, Licoricia, was unveiled in Winchester in 2021. This is the most prominent heritage work carried out relating to medieval Anglo- Jewry. 

The event, through a walking tour (£5) and free round table discussion, will consider the achievements of the Licoricia project, and the challenges of creating heritage in the absence of the built heritage that directly reflects the presence of medieval Winchester Jewry. It will also consider the public and educational issues raised when dealing with questions such as the Jewish role in medieval finance and hostile representations of Jews from the period based on religious bigotry. Addressing the key aims of the Licoricia project, participants will explore the potential of such commemoration to consider the roots of prejudice and discrimination, using this to promote tolerance, diversity, and female empowerment.

Please note that if you wish to attend both the walking tour and the roundtable event, you will need to register for each event separately.

Click here for booking and other details

Click here to read an April 2017  JHE Have Your Say essay about invisible medieval Jewish heritage by one of the Roundtable speakers, Dr. Toni Griffiths


Book launch of “Zohar: A Photographic Journey through the Places of Italian Jewish Culture” @ Teatro Franco Parenti
Feb 19 @ 18:30
Book launch of "Zohar: A Photographic Journey through the Places of Italian Jewish Culture" @ Teatro Franco Parenti | Milano | Lombardia | Italy

Book launch of “Zohar: A Photographic Journey through the Places of Italian Jewish Culture,” with the author Francesco Maria Colombo, Ferruccio de Bortoli, President of the Shoah Memorial Foundation, and Sandro Parmiggiani, editor of the book.

The book is under the patronage of the Foundation for Jewish Cultural Heritage in Italy and is enriched by contributions from Sandro Parmiggiani, Adachiara Zevi, Alberto Manguel, and Dario Disegni.

Free admission with reservation.

Brest Holocaust Memorial crowd-funder
May 19 – May 20 all-day
Brest Holocaust Memorial crowd-funder

The Together Plan is running a 36-hour crowd-funding campaign May 19-20 to finance the construction of a Holocaust memorial at the Jewish cemetery in Brest, Belarus.

Click on the link to sign up :

Click here to see our post about the memorial project

Lviv – Life in Hiding – Then and Now @ Jewish Museum Frankfurt
Jul 2 @ 19:00 – 20:30
Lviv – Life in Hiding – Then and Now @ Jewish Museum Frankfurt | Frankfurt am Main | Hessen | Germany
Natalia Romik, the curator of the exhibit “Hideouts: Architecture of Survival” current on show at the museum will be in conversation with the  historian Sofia Dyak,  head of the foundation “Center for Urban History” in Lviv (Lemberg). They will focus on  the relevance of hide and seek in times of war.
The conversation is held in English. 

Tickets can  be purchased at the museum shop or at the online shop
New synagogue inauguration, Potsdam @ Potsdam
Jul 4 all-day

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and other civic and Jewish VIPs will speak at or attend the inauguration  of the new Synagogue center, designed by the architect Jost Haberland. The state of Brandenburg provided around €16.5 million to finance the construction. The cornerstone was laid in 2021..

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