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World War I Jewish Soldiers – Willesden Jewish Cemetery @ online webinar
Aug 3 @ 20:00 – 21:00
World War I Jewish Soldiers - Willesden Jewish Cemetery @ online webinar

Willesden Jewish Cemetery volunteer researchers Corinne Van Colle and Jackie Asher spent 2½ years uncovering the stories of the many Jewish soldiers killed in action during World War 1 who are buried or commemorated in the cemetery. Encountering many challenges including worn headstones, inconsistent records, and changed names, they eventually discovered commemorations relating to over 350 servicemen (and one woman!). Research revealed, too, their many different family backgrounds: these were the sons of Edwardian Anglo-Jewish engineers, bootmakers and bankers. In this webinar, Corinne and Jackie will share some of the forgotten stories of the young Jewish men, memorialised in the cemetery in moving inscriptions and poems, who went to war in 1914.

British and Irish Association of Jewish Studies conference @ King's Building, Strand Campus, King's College, London
Jul 11 @ 09:00 – Jul 13 @ 17:00
British and Irish Association of Jewish Studies conference @ King's Building, Strand Campus, King's College, London | England | United Kingdom

BIAJS Conference 2022: “Unfolding Time: Texts – Practices – Politics”

There’s quite a bit of material on Jewish (built) heritage at this year’s conference of the British and Irish Association of Jewish Studies.

Mon 11 July 9.15-10.45: Jewish Heritage in the UK Context I
Alan Benstock, Connecting Jewish Collections with Jewish Communities: A Case Study of Leeds City Museum
Eva Frojmovic, Paradoxes of Jewish Heritage in Solomon A. Hart’s Album
of Sketches (Leeds University Library)
David Newman, The Preservation of Closed Synagogues and Their
Artefacts (Including Windows)
Mon 11 July 11.30-13.00: Jewish Heritage in the UK Context II
Anna Douglas, Shirley Baker’s ‘Jewish Heritage’
Rebecca Tritschler, Langside (Glasgow) as Heritage
Shannon Kirschner, Clifford’s Tower Heritage Reshaped
Monday 11 July 14.00-15.30
Miranda Crowdus, Frozen in Time? Contemporary European Jewish Cultural Heritage Displays and Construction of Jewish Temporal Stasis
Tuesday 12 July 9.00-10.30: Jewish Country Houses in Pan-European Perspective
Chair: Abigail Green
Colette Bellingham, Reading The Red Book: Ferdinand de Rothschild and the Country House Album
Silvia Davoli, A little known salonnière Juive: Ernesta Stern (1854
Sietske Van der Veen, A Rothschild Legacy in Utrecht: Hélène van Zuylen van Nyeveltde Rothschild and the Rebuilding of De Haar Castle
Cyril Grange, The expropriation of the castle and winery of Moncontour and the integration of its Jewish seigneur in the locality
Discussant: Laura Leibman

12 July 2022, 15.15-16.45  The state of Jewish tangible heritage in Ukraine: Buildings, monuments, museums and libraries 

organised by: Eva Frojmovic (Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Leeds, 

EUGENY KOTLYAR (Associate Professor at Department of Art History of Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts,  

Jewish Heritage in Independent Ukraine: Discovery, Study, Preservation and Presentation. Thirty Years of Experience and Challenges 

 SOFIA DYAK (Director of the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe in Lviv,, E-mail:  

Jewish Urban Heritage and Diversity in Lviv 

 TETYANA BATANOVA (Research Fellow, Acting Head of the Judaica Department of Institute of Manuscripts, V. I. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, ) 

The Judaica Department at V. I. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine: Revival, Study, and Preservation 

VITALY CHERNOIVANENKO (Senior research fellow, Judaica Department; Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine; President, Ukrainian Association for Jewish Studies; Chief editor, Judaica Ukrainica; E-mail: and; Website:  

Ukraine’s Hebraica collections in international perspective 

NADIA UFIMTSEVA (Department of History at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, 

Title: the Jewish printed books collection in the Kamianets-Podilskyi state museum and Judaica objects in Ukrainian museums.  

MIA SPIRO (Glasgow) and EVA FROJMOVIC (Leeds) 


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Licoricia of Winchester: Heritage and Memory of Medieval Anglo Jewry @ The Arc, Winchester
May 21 @ 13:30 – 14:30
Licoricia of Winchester: Heritage and Memory of Medieval Anglo Jewry @ The Arc, Winchester | England | United Kingdom

A round-table discussion, plus optional walking tours through the “invisible” medieval Jewish history of Winchester. The Roundtable is free, the walking tours — at 10:30-11:30am or 11:30-12:30pm, cost £5. 

The event event focuses on Licoricia of Winchester and the heritage and memory of medieval Anglo-Jewry.

The bronze statue of the remarkable Anglo-Jewish woman, Licoricia, was unveiled in Winchester in 2021. This is the most prominent heritage work carried out relating to medieval Anglo- Jewry. 

The event, through a walking tour (£5) and free round table discussion, will consider the achievements of the Licoricia project, and the challenges of creating heritage in the absence of the built heritage that directly reflects the presence of medieval Winchester Jewry. It will also consider the public and educational issues raised when dealing with questions such as the Jewish role in medieval finance and hostile representations of Jews from the period based on religious bigotry. Addressing the key aims of the Licoricia project, participants will explore the potential of such commemoration to consider the roots of prejudice and discrimination, using this to promote tolerance, diversity, and female empowerment.

Please note that if you wish to attend both the walking tour and the roundtable event, you will need to register for each event separately.

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Click here to read an April 2017  JHE Have Your Say essay about invisible medieval Jewish heritage by one of the Roundtable speakers, Dr. Toni Griffiths


Beginnings: The Story of the Willesden Jewish Cemetery @ Willesdan Jewish Cemetery
May 21 @ 14:00 – 15:30
Beginnings: The Story of the Willesden Jewish Cemetery @ Willesdan Jewish Cemetery | England | United Kingdom

Willesden Jewish Cemetery: 150 years of Heritage 1873 – 2023 Guided Walk

As part of the year long celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the Willesden Jewish Cemetery, this guided walk will tell the story of the establishment of the cemetery, highlighting the early years of the United Synagogue, the people who made it happen and their role in the community.

Willesden Jewish cemetery 150th anniversary @ Willesden Jewish Cemetery
Jun 4 @ 14:00 – 16:00
Willesden Jewish cemetery 150th anniversary @ Willesden Jewish Cemetery | England | United Kingdom

The Willesden Jewish cemetery celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. 

This will be one of the main events.  The cemetery says:

View our new exhibition of archives in the Heritage Centre

• Have a look at the display in the historic grade II listed portico, highlighting some key stories of those buried here

• Enjoy the permanent exhibition and introductory film in the Heritage Centre

• Take a stroll in our transformed historic gardens with a new emphasis on biodiversity!

• Join us on a new free guided walk at 2.30 pm when we will reveal the early history of this unique Cemetery and the people behind its creation

This is a special occasion for our community to celebrate this important milestone. Throughout the afternoon our volunteers will be on hand to share their knowledge of Willesden Jewish Cemetery, Jewish traditions and culture.


IAJGS conference
Jul 30 – Aug 3 all-day
IAJGS conference

The annual conference of the International Association of Jewish Genealogy Societies takes place this year in London.


History and Residents of Willesden Jewish cemetery, London @ online
Dec 4 @ 19:00 – 20:00
History and Residents of Willesden Jewish cemetery, London @ online

Barnet Libraries presents: The History and Residents of Willesden Jewish Cemetery.

The cemetery is a designated Heritage Site and celebrated its 150th anniversary in June this year.

Many of the people who are buried there were prominent in the fields of industry, commerce, science and the arts.

It is hoped that this talk will be a catalyst to people visiting the grounds and seeing the work delivered by the cemetery’s small team and dedicated volunteers.


Restoring Legacy: reclaiming the Brest-Litovsk Jewish cemetery @ online
Jan 14 @ 19:00 – 20:00
Restoring Legacy: reclaiming the Brest-Litovsk Jewish cemetery @ online

More than 80 years ago, the headstones that once stood in the Brest-Litovsk Jewish cemetery, in the south of Belarus, were desecrated and used for other purposes. More than 1200 headstones have been discovered over the last 20 years.  They will be used to create a stunning memorial.

The  Together Plan’s January 14th event will focus on this project.

How did the cemetery disappear?
What happened to the matzevot?
How did The Together Plan become involved?
What has been done so far and what are the plans for the future?
Where are the 1249 salvaged headstones at the moment?
How does this memorial play a pivotal role in Jewish history?
How will this support the functioning Jewish community in Brest today?

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USA 11:00 PT / 14:00 ET / UK 19:00 / Israel 21:00

Journeys to Treblinka @ Holocaust Centre North Huddersfield, and online
Mar 20 @ 17:00 – 18:00

Since 2007, forensic archaeological investigations have revealed new evidence of the crimes undertaken at the notorious Treblinka Extermination Camp in Poland.

In this talk, Professor Caroline Sturdy Colls will outline some of the key findings of this research and discuss the ways they have inspired Holocaust survivors and their descendants based in the UK to undertake their own journeys to commemorate their loved ones.

Professor Caroline Sturdy Colls’ pioneering research focuses on the application of interdisciplinary approaches to the investigation of Holocaust landscapes. She conducted the first forensic archaeological investigations at Treblinka Extermination and Labour Camps, the results of which will be presented in her forthcoming book Finding Treblinka. She is also the author of several other books including Holocaust Archaeologies: Approaches and Future Directions (2015), the Handbook on Missing Persons (2016) and ‘Adolf Island: The Nazi Occupation of Alderney (2022).


Manchester Jewish Museum Synagogue 150th anniversary @ Manchester Jewish Museum
May 6 @ 12:00 – 16:00
Manchester Jewish Museum Synagogue 150th anniversary @ Manchester Jewish Museum | England | United Kingdom
Open Day celebrations marking the 150th anniversary of the Manchester Jewish Museum’s Spanish & Portuguese synagogue, which was inaugurated on May 6, 1874.  NOTE: Fully bookedt already.
As part of the open day, there will be the launch of a new exhibition about the history of  synagogue and its communities which will run for several months. 
The exhibition focuses in part on several personalities and families. They include one of the founders of our synagogue, Moses Ben Messulam, who was  born in Constantinople in 1829 and was one of the earliest Sephardi migrants to visit Manchester in the 1840s. He was at the first meeting about the establishment of our synagogue in 1872. 
Another key figure was Ezra Altaras, who came to England from Syria, in 1874. Ezra was president of the synagogue three times and was very active in communal affairs. When he died in 1913, his wife, Maude, donated a beautiful round stained-glass window to the synagogue.

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