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Tour Jewish Cemetery Zizkov Prague @ Old Jewish Cemetery Zizkov
Jun 21 @ 14:00 – 15:00
Tour Jewish Cemetery Zizkov Prague @ Old Jewish Cemetery Zizkov | Hlavní město Praha | Czechia

A guided tour of the 17th century Jewish cemetery, which was largely destroyed in early 1960s and then in the 1980s when the Czech TV tower was built there. A large part of the cemetery was dug up, tombstones were knocked down and broken and the rest of the cemetery was filled in a turned into a park.

Though only a small part of the cemetery still exists, it covers a broad range of styles, from Baroque, Empire and Romantic to the common forms of the latter half of the 19th century.  In 1999, the Jewish Museum in Prague took over the administration of the preserved part, which is a protected historical monument. Following essential structural repairs and basic restoration work, the cemetery was opened to the public in September 2001. The restoration of the tombstones continued and 164 tombstones and 4 tombs had been restored by the end of 2013.



Guided exhibit tour @ Gallery Spalicek, Prostějov
Sep 10 @ 16:00 – 17:30
Guided exhibit tour @ Gallery Spalicek, Prostějov | Prostějov | Olomoucký kraj | Czechia


As part of the European Heritage Days, there will be a guided tour of the  exhibit Baroque Synagogues in the Czech Lands. The exhibition is complemented by panels mapping the history of Prostějov synagogues and Jewish prayer houses and the Prostějov Jewish community in general. During the guided tour, you will learn more about some of the exhibited objects. For example, part of the rosette stained glass window, which was saved from the destroyed Olomouc synagogue.

The exhibition is organized in cooperation with the Museum and Gallery in Prostějov, the Jewish Museum in Prague, the Statutory City of Prostějov, the Respect and Tolerance Association, the Comenius Museum in Přerov and the Hanácký Jeruzalém Association. The guided tour will be the curator of the exhibition Filip Gregor from the Prostějov Museum.

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