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Volunteer Jewish cemetery clean-up @ Rohatyn, Ukraine New Jewish Cemetery
Aug 8 @ 09:30 – 17:30
Volunteer Jewish cemetery clean-up @ Rohatyn, Ukraine New Jewish Cemetery | Rohatyn | Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast | Ukraine

Volunteer clean-up work at the second, newer Jewish cemetery of Rohatyn, acquired by the Jewish community in the 1920s and like the “old” cemetery and others in the region, destroyed during WW2, its headstones removed and re-purposed for roads, walkways, and building foundations in town.


Jewish cemetery clean-up summer camp @ Jewish cemetery Chernivtsi
Sep 17 – Sep 29 all-day
Jewish cemetery clean-up summer camp @ Jewish cemetery Chernivtsi | Chernivtsi | Chernivets'ka oblast | Ukraine

The 10th anniversary of this “summer camp” for people aged 40 and over, initiated in 2009..

A main part is volunteer clean-up in the vast Jewish cemetery, which with 50,000 graves, is one of the largest preserved Jewish cemeteries in Europe, damaged in some areas and largely neglected. Participants will pull up weeds and undergrowth, clear overgrown paths between the graves and discover forgotten inscriptions on the gravestones.

See details on the Action Reconciation web site


Cemetery clean-up @ Budapest Kozma utca Jewish cemetery
Oct 27 @ 10:00 – 15:00
Cemetery clean-up @ Budapest Kozma utca Jewish cemetery | Budapest | Hungary

Clean-up and maintenance operation at Budapest’s main Jewish cemetery, with the participation of around 30 students from the city’s Scheiber Jewish school. The students will work in groups of 10 on three different areas of the cemetery,  documenting, cleaning and re-painting the signage of the cemetery’s rows. 


Jewish itineraries in Romania film @ Bucharest, Romanian National History Museum
Dec 17 @ 18:00 – 19:00
Jewish itineraries in Romania film @ Bucharest, Romanian National History Museum | București | Municipiul București | Romania

Screening of the film Jewish Routes in Romania, a documentary about Jewish heritage sites in the country.

According to a press release:

Jewish itineraries in Romania is a documentary film that captures a small part of the traces left by the Jewish communities in Romania. From Săpânţa to Ştefăneşti, from Bacău to Siret, the film crew tried to recover the atmosphere in the visited cemeteries and synagogues. Hard to locate, remaining outside the tourist circuit of many localities in Romania, the Jewish cemeteries are in an accelerated process of degradation, although they represent an invaluable heritage. And in the few synagogues that remained functional in Romania, only a handful of people celebrate the old beliefs.

For over 40 minutes, the viewer can admire unique funeral stones or synagogues painted in an impressive manner. Botoşani, Bucureşti, Câmpulung Moldovenesc, Fălticeni, Săpânţa, Ştefăneşti, Suceava, Dorohoi, Piatra Neamt, Sighetu Marmaiei, Simleu Silvaniei, Buhuşi, Târgu Neamţ, Sighet, Siret, Rădăuţi and Bacău, are the following localities: they revealed a flourishing world, a Jewish world that used to call Romania’s territory home.

Guided tour @ Lisbon synagogue
Feb 13 @ 14:45 – 17:00
Guided tour @ Lisbon synagogue | Lisboa | Lisboa | Portugal

A guided tour of the Shaare Tikva synagogue in Lisbon.

Inaugurated in 1904 and designed by Miguel Ventura Terra, the synagogue was the first synagogue to be built in Portugal since the 15th century. Its facade faces an inner courtyard because at the time the state banned non-Catholic houses of worship from fronting on the street.

Register online by following the provided link.


Jewish cemetery cleanup in Tallya, Hungary @ Jewish cemetery Tallya
May 23 – May 24 all-day
Jewish cemetery cleanup in Tallya, Hungary @ Jewish cemetery Tallya | Tállya | Hungary

Budapest-based researcher and activist Bence Illyés and his “Magyarországi Haszid Zarándoklatokért” Foundation are organizing a two-day clean-up action at the Jewish cemetery in Tállya, eastern Hungary.

The action will be carried-out under the religious supervision of Mazsihisz, the umbrella organization of the Hungarian Neolog Jewish communities.

All those interested in participating can write to:

Click here to see more about the project (and donate)

Extermination – Great Synagogue Grodno @ online - zoom, and on-site
Nov 27 @ 18:00 – 20:30
Extermination - Great Synagogue Grodno @ online - zoom, and on-site | Vilnius | Vilniaus apskritis | Lithuania

European Humanities University (EHU) and the Center for Belarusian Community and Culture in Vilnius will host a premiere presentation of “Extermination” — an audiovisual installation about the Great Synagogue of Grodno, which was constructed in the 16th century and was rebuilt many times after devastating fires. 

Kseniya Shtalenkova (lecturer in the Academic Department of Humanities and Arts at EHU, Philosophy PhD candidate) is the project curator and Viktoryia Bahdanovich (fourth-year student of the BA program in Visual Design) is the project production designer and executive producer.

 The “Extermination” audiovisual installation is a monologue on the history of the place as well as an individual experience of a person in time and space.

The installation has been created as a part of the project on “Preservation and Actualization of Former Synagogues in Belarus for the Benefit of Local Communities” by Stsiapan Stureika, Professor of Humanities and Arts at EHU. Project research conducted for the work on the installation was conducted with the participation of EHU students.

The presentation will be delivered in Russian with subtitles in English. 

Register by November 26.

Click here to register on Zoom (or for in-person attendance)

The event will be also streamed online via EHU’s Facebook page.

NOTE: you can attend the event physically at the Belarusian House (Vilniaus g. 20) by pre-registration at the same link to register on Zoom

Budapest cemetery clean-up @ Salgotarjani ut Jewish cemetery
Nov 28 @ 09:00 – 13:00
Budapest cemetery clean-up @ Salgotarjani ut Jewish cemetery | Budapest | Hungary

Join a volunteer clean up at Budapest’s monumental Salgotarjani ut Jewish cemetery, organized as a “Mitzvah Day” project by the Hungarian Maccabi sports organization.

5th World Litvak Congress @ various
May 23 – May 26 all-day
5th World Litvak Congress @ various | Lithuania

A gathering of Lithuanian Jews and descendants, which includes an academic conference, a cultural fest, guided tours to Jewish heritage in several towns and cities around the country — Vilnius, Kaunas, Panevėžys, Šeduva, Pakruojis — and more.

Click here to see the full program

Pre-registration is required by filling out the following form:

Koszeg synagogue opening-exhibit @ Koszeg, Hungary synagogue
Aug 28 @ 15:00 – Aug 29 @ 19:00
Koszeg synagogue opening-exhibit @ Koszeg, Hungary synagogue | Kőszeg | Hungary

The long-derelict 19th century synagogue in Kőszeg, western Hungary, is reopening to the public after a full-scale renovation that took place over the past two years. The synagogue, which is owned by the state, will become a cultural centre but also will be able to be used for religious services.

JHE’s Ruth Ellen Gruber is on the program of its first public event, Sunday August 28-29 — the opening of an exhibition about Philip (Fülöp) Schey (1798-1881), a Jewish philanthropist born in Kőszeg (known in German as Güns), who had grown rich as a textile merchant and later became a banker for the Hapsburgs. In 1859, Emperor Franz Joseph raised Schey to the Hungarian nobility — he was the first Jew to receive this honor and took the title Philip Schey von Koromla.

The exhibit is called “A Kőszeg Success Story: the Schey Family,” and it presents Philip Schey’s family, life and work: his economic and philanthropic activities, as well as his founding of institutions.

It begins at 3 p.m. and is organized by iAsk — the Institute of Advanced Studies in Kőszeg, which has played a role in the restoration of the building.

The opening is part of a two-day series of events, “Synagogue Week in Kőszeg,” including concerts, lectures, guided tours, and book presentations.

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