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I-Tal-Ya Jewish books presentation @ Meis museum (and online streaming)
Sep 26 @ 11:30 – 12:30
I-Tal-Ya Jewish books presentation @ Meis museum (and online streaming) | Ferrara | Emilia-Romagna | Italy

I-Tal-Ya is a collaborative effort to identify and catalogue every Hebrew book in Italy. It is being carried out by the Union of Jewish Communities in Italy (UCEI), the Rome National Central Library (BNCR), and the National Library of Israel (NLI) in Jerusalem, with the support of the Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe.

The project includes cataloguing an estimated 35,000 volumes from 14 Jewish communities and 25 state institutions and will take approximately three years to complete. 

The event is held within the program of Ferrara’s annual Jewish Book Festival.


European Day of Jewish Culture in Italy @ All over
Oct 10 all-day
European Day of Jewish Culture in Italy @ All over | Italy

Italy marks the European Day of Jewish Culture — with events in scores of towns and cities around the country. There are also events scheduled later in the month.

The main centre this year is Padova.

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Holocaust memorials on the territory of today’s Bosnia & Herzegovina @ Jewish Cultural Center "Beit Shalom"
Nov 9 2021 @ 18:00 – Jan 30 2022 @ 18:00
Holocaust memorials on the territory of today's Bosnia & Herzegovina @ Jewish Cultural Center "Beit Shalom" | Doboj | Republika Srpska | Bosnia and Herzegovina

A photographic exhibit on Holocaust memorials in Bosnia-Herzegovina opens on November 9, the anniversary of Kristallnacht, at the Jewish Cultural Center in Doboj.

It was curated by Michael Ilg and Katja Grosse-Sommer and supported by Paideia – The Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden.


Sharing the Catacombs @ Online and in person at the Swiss Institute
Apr 1 @ 17:00 – 19:30

Sharing the catacombs. Religious interactions in funeral spaces of Rome, 3rd-4th centuries CE

A round-table of interational scholars, in Italian and English, about Jewish and Christian catacombs in Rome.

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H17:00-17:15 – Caroline Bridel, Introduzione

H17:15-17:45 – Giandomenico Spinola (Musei Vaticani), La necropoli vaticana della via Triumphalis: tra religione e superstizione

H17:45-18:15 – Giancarlo Lacerenza (Università di Napoli L’Orientale), Ebraico e aramaico negli epitaffi delle catacombe ebraiche di Roma: segni di plurilinguismo o marcatori identitari?  

H18:15-18:30 – Pausa

H18:30-19:00 – Norbert Zimmermann (Deutsche Archäologisches Institut), Space, tombs, images: Experiencing Christian Catacombs of Rome

H19:00-19:30 – Discussione moderata da Caroline Bridel

A Jewish Europe? Virtual and Real-Life Spaces in the 21st Century @ Gothenburg University
May 3 – May 5 all-day
A Jewish Europe? Virtual and Real-Life Spaces in the 21st Century @ Gothenburg University | Gothenburg | Västra Götaland County | Sweden

The conference aims to explore the development, role, influence and shape of virtual spaces in different forms related to contemporary European Jewry. How are digital practices related to real-life practices and spaces performed and inhabited by Europe’s Jewry? What do virtual spaces reveal about Jewish engagement with the geographical location and the idea of Europe? And, ultimately, what do virtual spaces tell us about the existence and future of a “Jewish Europe”? What do they say about transcending the borders of “Jewish Europe” and fostering membership in a global Jewish presence? 

Announced keynote speakers are JHE’s Ruth Ellen Gruber and independent scholar Diana Pinto.

The conference is organised by the University of Gothenburg and the Parkes Institute of Southampton University.


Tuesday 3 May

09.00 – Welcome and introductions, Joachim Schlör, Maja Hultman and Klas Grinell

09.30 – Keynote: Ruth Ellen Gruber (Jewish Heritage Europe) Life after Life: Shifting Virtualities (and Realities) 20 Years after Virtually Jewish

10.45 – Break and coffee

11.15 – Panel 1: Jewish contribution to Europe – Chair: TBC

  • Itai Apter (University of Haifa) – Jewish Legal-Political WWII Era Scholars in the European International Law Space of the Past and Contemporary Virtual Spaces
  • Marcela Menachem Zoufalá (Charles University Prague) – TBC
  • Vladimir Levin (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) – European Values, Post-Soviet States, and Jewish Heritage

12.45 – Lunch

14.00 – Panel 2: Jewish/non-Jewish Spaces in Europe (J444) – Chair: TBC

  • Susanne Korbel (University of Graz) – Jewish Spaces in Vienna Today: A Relational, Hybrid Approach
  • Magdalena Abraham-Diefenbach (European University Viadrina) – The Legacy of German Jews in Western Poland: Jewish Cemeteries as Places Between “Jewish Space” and “Virtual Jewishness”
  • Jurgita Šiaučiūnaitė-Verbickienė (Vilnius University) – The Process of Learning About the Jews and Their Heritage: Influence of Challenges in Post-Soviet      Lithuania to the Contemporary Understanding of the Jewish Culture

15.30 – Break and coffee

16.00 – Panel 3: Jewish Europe from Near and Afar (J444) – Chair: TBC

  • Jennifer Cowe (University of British Columbia) – Rootless Nostalgia, Yekke Identity and Intergenerational memory Curation/Creation in Mor Kaplansky’s Café Nagler
  • Libby Langsner (independent researcher) – Nostalgia Networks: The Potential of Built Heritage Digitization in European American Jewish Identity Formation and Social Belonging
  • Judith Vöcker (University of Leicester) – The Muranów District as a Memorial of the Former Jewish Community of Warsaw

18.00 – City walk of Jewish Gothenburg

19.00 – Tour and dinner @ Gothenburg’s Synagogue

Wednesday 4 May

09.00 – Panel 4: Virtual Heritage Spaces of Jewish Europe – Chair: TBC

  • Susanne Urban (University Marburg) – Storytelling in Jewish Spaces: Creating a Bond Between Spaces, History and Present
  • Kyra Schulman (University of Chicago) – Memory Space: Probing the Limits of Holocaust Memorialization Projects on Digital Versus Physical Topographies
  • Kinga Frojimovics and Éva Kovács (Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies) – Tracing the Holocaust in the Kaiserstadt

10.30 – Break and coffee

11.00 – Panel 5: Digital Practices in Today’s Europe – Chair: Klas Grinell

  • Tyson Herberger (University of Southeastern Norway) – Impacts of Norwegian Jewry’s Digital Turn Under Corona
  • Dekel Peretz (Heidelberg University) – Searching for Belonging: Jewish-Muslim Dialogue in Virtual Spaces
  • Alla Marchenko (The Polish Academy of Sciences) – Virtual Representation of Real Jews and Jewishness in Contemporary Poland

12.30 – Lunch

13.45 – Heritage Session: Jewish Spaces in Sweden – Chair: Maja Hultman

  • Yael Fried (Jewish Museum in Stockholm)
  • Anna Grinzweig Jacobsson and Karin Brygger (Judiska salongen)
  • Lukasz Gorniok (Paideia – The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden and Ivana Koutniková (Paideia – The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden/Paideia folkhögskola)
  • Tom Shulevitz (Jewish Congregation of Gothenburg)

15.15 – Break and coffee

15.45 – Bus trip Gothenburg-Marstrand

17.00 – Guided tour of Marstrand

19.00 – Dinner @ Grand Tenan

21.30 – Bus trip Marstrand-Gothenburg

Thursday 5 May

09.00 – Panel 6: Being Jewish in Today’s Europe – Chair: TBC

  • Katalin Tóth (Institute of Ethnology, Research Centre for the Humanities, Eötvös Loránd Research Network) – “But We Are Also Here – the Descendants of the Survivors”: Everyday Life of a Synagogue in Budapest for the Past Thirty Years
  • Stanislaw Krajewski (University of Warsaw) – The Concept of De-Assimilation as a Tool to Describe Present-Day European Jews: The Example of Poland
  • Phil Alexander (University of Edinburgh) – “The Most Saving Slum in Glasgow, and the Most Abandoned”: Scotland’s 20th Century Jewish Neighbourhoods as 21st Century Virtual Spaces

10.30 – Break and coffee

11.00 – Virtual Keynote: Diana Pinto (independent researcher) Jewish Spaces in a Topsy Turvy Europe                                      

12.15 – Closing remarks by Joachim Schlör and Maja Hultman


British and Irish Association of Jewish Studies conference @ King's Building, Strand Campus, King's College, London
Jul 11 @ 09:00 – Jul 13 @ 17:00
British and Irish Association of Jewish Studies conference @ King's Building, Strand Campus, King's College, London | England | United Kingdom

BIAJS Conference 2022: “Unfolding Time: Texts – Practices – Politics”

There’s quite a bit of material on Jewish (built) heritage at this year’s conference of the British and Irish Association of Jewish Studies.

Mon 11 July 9.15-10.45: Jewish Heritage in the UK Context I
Alan Benstock, Connecting Jewish Collections with Jewish Communities: A Case Study of Leeds City Museum
Eva Frojmovic, Paradoxes of Jewish Heritage in Solomon A. Hart’s Album
of Sketches (Leeds University Library)
David Newman, The Preservation of Closed Synagogues and Their
Artefacts (Including Windows)
Mon 11 July 11.30-13.00: Jewish Heritage in the UK Context II
Anna Douglas, Shirley Baker’s ‘Jewish Heritage’
Rebecca Tritschler, Langside (Glasgow) as Heritage
Shannon Kirschner, Clifford’s Tower Heritage Reshaped
Monday 11 July 14.00-15.30
Miranda Crowdus, Frozen in Time? Contemporary European Jewish Cultural Heritage Displays and Construction of Jewish Temporal Stasis
Tuesday 12 July 9.00-10.30: Jewish Country Houses in Pan-European Perspective
Chair: Abigail Green
Colette Bellingham, Reading The Red Book: Ferdinand de Rothschild and the Country House Album
Silvia Davoli, A little known salonnière Juive: Ernesta Stern (1854
Sietske Van der Veen, A Rothschild Legacy in Utrecht: Hélène van Zuylen van Nyeveltde Rothschild and the Rebuilding of De Haar Castle
Cyril Grange, The expropriation of the castle and winery of Moncontour and the integration of its Jewish seigneur in the locality
Discussant: Laura Leibman

12 July 2022, 15.15-16.45  The state of Jewish tangible heritage in Ukraine: Buildings, monuments, museums and libraries 

organised by: Eva Frojmovic (Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Leeds, 

EUGENY KOTLYAR (Associate Professor at Department of Art History of Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts,  

Jewish Heritage in Independent Ukraine: Discovery, Study, Preservation and Presentation. Thirty Years of Experience and Challenges 

 SOFIA DYAK (Director of the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe in Lviv,, E-mail:  

Jewish Urban Heritage and Diversity in Lviv 

 TETYANA BATANOVA (Research Fellow, Acting Head of the Judaica Department of Institute of Manuscripts, V. I. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, ) 

The Judaica Department at V. I. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine: Revival, Study, and Preservation 

VITALY CHERNOIVANENKO (Senior research fellow, Judaica Department; Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine; President, Ukrainian Association for Jewish Studies; Chief editor, Judaica Ukrainica; E-mail: and; Website:  

Ukraine’s Hebraica collections in international perspective 

NADIA UFIMTSEVA (Department of History at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, 

Title: the Jewish printed books collection in the Kamianets-Podilskyi state museum and Judaica objects in Ukrainian museums.  

MIA SPIRO (Glasgow) and EVA FROJMOVIC (Leeds) 


Click here to see full conference program


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Jewish Heritage in the UK festival @ various
Sep 1 – Dec 31 all-day
Jewish Heritage in the UK festival @ various | United Kingdom

A series of events starting September 1 and continuing until the end of the year will be coordinated as the B’nai B’rith Jewish Heritage in the UK Festival — organised under the international umbrella of the European Days of Jewish Culture (EDJC), whose theme this year is “Renewal.”

Click here to download a PDF calendar of events

(Click here for the “flipsnack” online catalogue of events).




European Day of Jewish Culture in Italy @ all over Italy
Sep 18 all-day
European Day of Jewish Culture in Italy @ all over Italy | Italy

Te European Day of Jewish Culture is being observed in Italy with events in more than  100 localities up and down the peninsula.

Click here to find the full program


140th anniversary, Bordeaux Great Synagogue @ Grande Synagogue Bordeaux
Nov 9 – Dec 18 all-day

A series of events in  November and December celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Grande Synagogue. The series kicks off  November  9 with an official ceremony.

See the program below:

“Unsettled Heritage” event @ online
Nov 30 @ 20:00 – 21:30
"Unsettled Heritage" event @ online

A conversation with Yechiel Weizman on his book
Unsettled Heritage: Living Next to Poland’s Material Jewish Traces after the Holocaust (Ithaca, 2022)

In Unsettled Heritage, Yechiel Weizman explores what happened to the thousands of abandoned Jewish cemeteries and places of worship that remained in Poland after the Holocaust. He asks how postwar Polish society in small, provincial towns perceived, experienced, and interacted with the physical traces of former Jewish neighbors. Combining archival research into hitherto unexamined sources and anthropological field work, the book uncovers the concrete and symbolic fate of Poland’s material Jewish remnants and shows how their presence became the main vehicle through which Polish society was confronted with the memory of the Jews and their annihilation. Leading the conversation with Weizman will be Monika Rice, and joining them will be Alon Confino and Amos Goldberg.

This event will be held via ZOOM Webinar.

Registration is required, register in advance here.

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