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Eleventh Annual Conference of the Society for Sephardic Studies @ several synagogues
Oct 9 – Oct 13 all-day
Eleventh Annual Conference of the Society for Sephardic Studies @ several synagogues | İzmir | Türkiye

The Conference will focus on Sephardic Jews, between Messianism and Modernity

The conference gathers some 70 international  researchers of Sephardic social, cultural, and art history, languages, and literature from before and after the Expulsion of 1492.

There will be papers on Jewish, Christian, and Muslim attitudes toward Jewish messianism as reflected in the scholars’ particular areas of interest. In addition, the Conference will focus on the overlooked Sephardic embracement of modernity and Virtual Sepharad’s gradual yet unwavering secularization, whether in the expanse’s south—the ex-Ottoman realms—or its northern extremities – Holland, England, and the Americas.


Architectures of the Soul @ Monastery of Batalha - Portugal
Oct 19 – Oct 21 all-day
Architectures of the Soul @ Monastery of Batalha - Portugal | Batalha | Leiria | Portugal

The 4th International Conference Architectures of the Soul aims at promoting the scientific study and discussion around the architecture and landscape connected to religious and spiritual practices, grounded on the experience of seclusion and solitude.

It’s not focussed on Jewish heritage, but many preservation and other issues are common to religious built heritage as a whole, and we hope that the program includes Jewish heritage, too.

The conference is structured around two main topics, in order to understand the historical and current values of these places and how they can shape the future, through a renewed knowledge and new ways of turning them culturally meaningful:  

1. History of religious experience;

2. Future of Religious Heritage. 

The conference aims to establish the platform for a multidisciplinary approach on the subject, gathering and crossing history, architecture, landscape architecture, cultural heritage, art history, computing science, among others. 

The conference will be hosted by the Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória, in the municipality of Batalha. This is a former dominican monastery,  on the initiative of the Avis dinasty at the end of the 14th century. The complex is recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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