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Poland: More than 150 matzevot & fragments uncovered under Lezajsk market square; dozens more uncovered in a former prison courtyard in Lviv

More than 150 Jewish headstones and fragments have been unearthed over the course of the summer during construction on the main market square in Lezajsk, Poland — a town noted as the center of pilgrimage by thousands of Hasids each … continue reading →

Ukraine notes: more matzevah fragments recovered; drone footage of Ostroh synagogue

News comes from Kovel, western Ukraine, of another instance of the discovery of numerous fragments of Jewish gravestones that were used for construction work in Ukraine in the Soviet period. The news site reports that the fragments were discovered … continue reading →

Ukraine: What to do with newly discovered gravestone fragments?

    Local authorities in the western Ukrainian town of Husiatyn are grappling with what to do with hundreds of fragments of Jewish gravestones that recently came to light after being used for construction. Journalist Dmitry Polyukhovich writes in the … continue reading →

More Fragments of Matzevot Recovered in Rohatyn, Ukraine

      Marla Raucher Osborn, of the Rohatyn Jewish heritage project, reports on the recovery of dozens of fragments of Jewish gravestones that were used by the Nazis to pave the parking area of the Gestapo headquarters in Rohatyn, Ukraine.     … continue reading →