Poland: New Guidebook to Jewish Łódź

In the Jewish cemetery, Lodz


Field Guide to Jewish Łódź — a new, richly illustrated Jewish guidebook to the city — is now available, both as an 86-page printed book and in downloadable PDF form..

Published by the Taube Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life in Poland, in partnership with the Taube Foundation, the book is geared to educators as well as tourists. It includes

Downtown Lodz, Piotrkowska st.

— four walking tours, each identified by its own color, and with its own map. These routes can be followed in any order, but they are coordinated so that the end of one route can lead to the beginning of the next.

— color maps: individual route maps note major sites as well as other places of interest. Photographs and other images illustrate themes and places.

— discussion questions,

— personal stories,

— links to and lists of resources, and more.

Highlights include the vast Jewish cemeter; Holocaust memorial sites; the wartime Ghetto; traces of pre-Holocaust Jewish history including Piotrkowska street, the Poznanski palace mansion of industrialist Izrael Poznanski (now the city museum) and his factory next door, now the Manufaktura shopping mall.

“We based this guidebook on the model of the Passover Hagaddah, which related the story of the Exodus from Egypt,” the book’s introduction states.

The Haggadah begins by setting the scene with a brief introduction and then poses four questions, which in turn help shape the direction of the narrative. For each question there may be many answers, or perhaps the question will lead to more questions. The purpose is to engage each person in the journey, offering insights into the story and illuminating the paths, both physical and spiritual, that may be followed.


Click here to download the book


The new book joins the Field Guide to Krakow and Warsaw that came out a few years ago and is also available to download: CLICK HERE




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  1. Hello, I would like very much to purchase this book. I am currently in Lodz, you think eMpick would have it? If not, can you suggest another way how to get this great book. Thanks, Albert

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