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There is  a vast amount of literature about Jewish built heritage and Jewish history in the UK. We link here to some extensive bibliographies, and also some specific books and other publications — but the list is constantly growing.


Digital Hebrew treasures from the British Library Collection

A  3-year project funded by the Polonsky Foundation, aims to digitize 1250 Hebrew manuscripts held at the British Library, making them available to a global audience. As of November 2014, more than 300 manuscripts were online, dating back to the 9th century.

Extensive Bibliography on Jewish History and Heritage in the British Isles, on the Jewish Communities and Records web site

Jewish Historical Society of England Bibliography of Anglo-Jewish History

Also check under other Resources on the web site

Jewish Historical Society of England Selective Bibliography of Medieval Anglo-Jewish history



Apple, Raymond. The Hampstead Synagogue, 1892-1967. London: Valentine Mitchell, 1967.

Berk, Louis. East End Jewish Cemeteries: Brady Street and Alderney Road. Amberley, 2017.

Collins, Kenneth E. Scotland’s Jews. Glasgow: Scottish Jewish Archives Center, 1999

Collins, Kenneth;  Harvey L. Kaplan and Stephen Kliner. Jewish Glasgow – An Illustrated History. Glasgow: Scottish Jewish Archives Center, 2013.

A pictorial record of Jewish Glasgow.

Collins, Kenneth, chief ed.; with Aubrey Newman and Bernard Wasserstein. Two Hundred Years of Scottish Jewry (Glasgow: Scottish Jewish Archives Center,  2018).

Results of a six-year historical and genealogical study.

Fry, Helen. Golders Green Synagogue: the First 100 Years. Halsgrove, 2015

Fry, Helen. Jewish Cemeteries of Devon. Halsgrove, 2012

A comprehensive guide to burials in the Jewish cemeteries of Plymouth, Exeter and Torquay & Paignton in Devon (England). It represents a catalogue list of more than 1,500 people buried in five different cemeteries: the old burial ground in Magdalen Street (Exeter), Exwick cemetery (Exeter); Colney End Road (Paignton & Torquay); The Hoe cemetery (Plymouth) and Gifford Place cemetery (Plymouth).

Fry, Helen. The Jews of Exeter. Halsgrove, 2013.

Launched amid events marking the 250th anniversary of the Exeter synagogue.

Fry, Helen. The Jews of Plymouth. Halsgrove, 2015.

Gaster, Moses. History of the Ancient Synagogue of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews. London, 1901

Kadish, Sharman. Building Jerusalem: Jewish Architecture in Britain. London: Valentine Mitchell, 1996

Kadish, Sharman. Jewish Heritage in England: An Architectural Guide. London: English Heritage, 2006

Kadish, Sharman. “Jewish Heritage in Scotland.” In Jewish Historical Studies, Volume 47, Number 1, December 2015, pp. 179-216. Click to download article.

Kadish, Sharman. “The Situation, Preservation, and Care of Jewish Cemeteries in the United Kingdom.” In Jewish Cemeteries and Burial Culture in Europe. ICOMOS, 2011, 82-87

Kadish, Sharman. The Synagogues of Britain and Ireland: An Architectural and Social History. New Haven: Yale University Press (The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art), 2011

Kadish, the longtime director of Jewish Heritage UK, traces the architecture of the synagogue in Britain and Ireland from its discreet Georgian- and Regency-era beginnings to the golden age of the grand “cathedral synagogues” of the High Victorian period, to the present. She examines the relationship between architectural style and minority identity in British society.

Kolsky, Rachel and Rawson, Roslyn. Jewish London: A Comprehensive Guidebook for Visitors and Londoners. London: New Holland, 2012

The subtitle says it all…a very rich and detailed companion.

Langham, Barker. Jewish Burial Grounds: Understanding Values. Report prepared for English Heritage, 2015.

Pearce, Keith. The Jews Of Cornwall – A History – Tradition And Settlement To 1913. Halsgrove, 2014

Pearce, Keith. The Penzance Jewish Cemetery: A Concise History and Guide. Penlee House Gallery & Museum, 2015

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Synagogues at Risk? 2015. Report carried out by Jewish Heritage UK 2015 (you can download the booklet as a PDF).

Williams, Bill. Jewish Manchester: an Illustrated History. Derby: Breedon Books, 2008