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This material is for information only. JHE does not endorse any of the guides or agencies listed here and declines any responsibility in case of problems.


Most Jewish travelers to Ukraine go there to seek their family routes; because of this genealogy and tourism resources tend of overlap, so we have not made separate categories.



Ukrainian company providing Jewish genealogy searches, heritage tours, etc

JUkraine – Jewkraine Jewish Travel and Studies Center

JUkraine’s stated goal is to develop Jewish travel routes, train professional guides, provide genealogical research services, and connect families to their relatives living in Ukraine. It also aims to contribute to the preservation of historical landmarks and sustainability of Ukrainian Jewish communities. There are tours, itineraries and genealogical services.

 Gesher Galicia (Genealogy Special Interest Group for Galicia) 

Numerous tips and resources for travel, information and family history research regarding what is now western Ukraine and southeastern Poland. Includes archives, databases, links, publications, visual material and much more.

Jewish Family Search

Guiding and professional genealogy searches, based in L’viv and working in Ukraine and Poland.

Jewish Galicia and

Genealogy, heritage, bibliography, documents, etc

 The Miriam Weiner Routes to Roots Foundation

Extensive resources compiled by Miriam Weiner, a pioneer of researching Jewish family history in eastern Europe. Many links to groups, databases, photographs, and more.

 Ukrainian Jewish Encounter

Web site featuring news, culture, travel, events, and other information.

Ukraine SIG — Genealogy Special Interest Group

Newly revamped web site of the JewishGen Ukraine SIG…. hoards of resources and links. The web site is oriented around more than 800 Town and District Pages, with  each Town Page serving as a portal to all the information known about for that town, both on JewishGen and on other websites.

Ukraine Trek

A general travel site for Ukraine with a lot of practical information




Chernivtsi — Edgar Hauster’s blog (genealogy and more)


Odessa — Jewish Odessa Tours

Guided tours to the city run by Migdal International Society, Inc., a charity that supports Jewish community programs in Odessa