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Library of the L’viv Center for Urban History of East-Central Europe 

The searchable library includes a strong section of Polish and Ukrainian books on the history of L’viv and Galicia, as well a books in other languages and a section on New Media — DVDs, films, audio, slides, etc. 


Amar, Ariella. “Visual motifs In The Decoration Of Tombstones In Ukraine,” in Revival: Rubbings of Jewish Tombstones from the Ukraine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1992 (in English and Hebrew).

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A memoir describing 17th century Jewish life in todays western Ukraine and the details and perils of the kosher wine trade with Hungary.

Biryulyov, Yuriy, ed. Lviv Sightseeing Guide. Lviv: Centre d’Europe Publishing House, 2004

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Photos and history of Jewish sites in the Bucovina region of northern Romania and southwest Ukraine.

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Hubka, Thomas C. Resplendent Synagogue: Architecture and Worship in an Eighteenth-Century Polish Community (Waltham: Brandeis, 2003)

Hubka provides a provocative interpretation of the art and architecture of a pre-modern wooden synagogue to illuminate the social, historical, and religious context of an Eastern-European Jewish community.

Jewish Chernivtsi: Unforgotten Image. Kiev: Duk I Litera, 2010

A fold-out guidebook and illustrated map of the city, showing Jewish sites and providing historic information.

Kagan, Berl ed. Luboml: The Memorial Book of a Vanished Shtetl.New York: KTAV Publishing House, 1997.

Kalnytsky, Mykhaylo. Jewish Addresses of Kyiv. Kiev: Institute of Judaic Studies, 2005. A map guide of nearly 100 sites of Jewish interest in Kiev.

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Insightful analysis of the iconography of synagogue paintings in part of Eastern Europe.

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An encyclopedic two-volume catalogue.

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Ukrainian Jewish Encounter.

Online magazine that from time to time publishes articles and interviews dealing with Jewish heritage sites.

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