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Jewish Heritage Tours

Itineraries in and around Izmir and elsewhere in Turkey. Part of a cultural heritage development project associated with the Izmir Project.


Judaica Tours – Jewish Tours of Istanbul

Sami Magriso
Tel: +(90) 535 921 0604;  +(90) 542 530 0193


The web site has extensive information on Jewish history and heritage in Istanbul, including Jewish neighborhoods the city’s 16 synagogues.


Tips for Touring Turkey’s Synagogues

 JHE post with links to travel article from The Forward.




Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture (

A comprehensive web site with a rich collection of links, archives and other resources including a big section on heritage and genealogy

Ottoman Sephardic Genealogy: An Introduction

Informative “getting started” article by David Sheby on the web site

Ottoman Turkish Sephardic Culture Research Center

Mainly deals with Ladino culture, but there are numerous links and other resources

Portal to a variety of links to help trace family history in Turkey, Greece, the Balkans and other countries

Malka, Jeffrey S. Sephardic Genealogy:  Discovering Your Sephardic Ancestors and Their World. Avotaynu Press, Second Edition 2009 (Click highlighted link to see Table of Contents)

The publisher’s description states: “The first edition, which won the “Best Judaica Reference Book” (2002) of Association of Jewish Libraries, has been completely updated and improved. Nearly 100 pages longer, this new edition revises all the chapters to include new information and updates all internet and mail addresses. It adds a new chapter on DNA as well as new chapters on the available resources for the Sephardic communities of Portugal, England, Rhodes, Hamburg-Altona, and Vienna, Austria. There is also a new chapter on how to research the Spanish archives with clues on deciphering old Spanish script. The section on the Internet is fully updated and now includes more than 300 links to sites that have information valuable to Sephardic research.”