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Extensive web site on Sephardic studies, with a Bibliography and links to many academic and other resources.


Jewish Book Council Reading List on Sephardic Jewry

Searchable catalogues of museum libraries in Spain (including Sephardi Museum)

Sephardic studies & genealogy bibliography on SephardicGen

Sephardic studies bibliography on SefardiWeb


Ancient Jewish cemeteries in Spain: the need for dialogue. Article on the UbanCultours web site discussing archaeology and other interventions.

Cantera Burgos, Francisco. Sinagogas Espanolas. Instituto Arias Montano, 1955

Castano, Javier, ed. ¿Una Sefarad Inventada? Los problemas de interpretación de los restos materiales de los judíos en España. Cordoba, 2014


Linhard, Tabea Alexa. Jewish Spain: A Mediterranean Memory. Stanford University Press, 2014

Krakover, Shaul.  “Generation of a Tourism Product: Jewish Heritage Tourism in Spain.” Enlightening Tourism. Vol 3. 142-168. 2013. (Available online).

Markman, Sidney David. Jewish Remnants in Spain: Wanderings in a Lost World. Mesa AZ: Scribe Publishers, 2003. See online excerpts here, for several cities and locations.

Nadel, James. Rediscovering Sephardic Catalonia: Heritage and the Museum of Jewish History in Girona.  Lengthy description and analysis in University of Michigan, Working Papers in Museum Studies: Future Leaders. No. 2, 2016.