Jewish Heritage Europe

Publications & Sources

Gruber, Ruth Ellen and Gruber Samuel D. Jewish Cemeteries, Synagogues, and Monuments in Slovenia. Washington DC: US Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad, 2005. Available in downloadable PDF form here

The most detailed inventory on Jewish heritage sites in Slovenia available online.

Premk, Janez and Hudelja, Mihaela. Tracing Jewish Heritage: A Guidebook to Slovenia. Ljubljana: JAS Research & Documentation Center,  2014

A detailed, comprehensive, and richly illustrated cultural guidebook — in English — to Jewish heritage and history in Slovenia; the first such publication in Slovenia by a Slovenian research team. It includes history, maps, sites, and more. Co-author Janez Premk presented on this project at the Krakow conference on Managing Jewish Immovable Heritage in April 2013. (Click the link to see the session where he presented).