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The Leo Baeck Institute’s online guide to the archives of Jewish Bukovina and Transylvania 

Over the course of six months in 2013, two Leo Baeck Institute archivists conducted a systematic inventory of the archival holdings related to German-speaking Jewish communities in Southern Bukovina (the part of historical Bukovina currently located in Romania) and Southern Transylvania, where the Jewish communities were primarily German-speaking due to the influence of the German cultural environment. The result of their work is now publicly accessible via this searchable online catalogue. The objective of this project is to facilitate greater access to collections that have been virtually hidden since World War II and thereby stimulate research in the Jewish history of these areas both locally and at a European and international level.

The web site has an extensive Bibliography of works on Romanian and general Jewish heritage

Bibliography of works relating to Jewish Bucovina (now divided between Ukraine and Romania)


Annals of Spiru Haret University – Architecture Series. Issue 1/2012: Architecture of Romanian Minorities.
Detailed articles on Jewish history and built heritage in several specific towns in Romania: Petrosani, Pitesti, Craiova, Caracal, Constanta (available online, and also linked to in the Heritage & Heritage Sites page).
Ceallaigh, Philip Ó. Bucharest, Broken City. Granta 134: No Man’s Land, Feb. 17, 2016.
Long essay about the destruction and aftermath of destruction of the old Jewish quarter in Bucharest.

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A modern Yizkor (memorial) book dealing with Suceava and surrounding communities: Arbore, Balaceana, Bosanci, Burdujeni, Cacica, ComăneştiCostina, Dărmăneşti, Ilişeşti, Iţcani, Mărăţea, Mitoc, PătrăuţiSolca, Todireşti, Zahareşti. Parts of the book are available online at the link provided.

Geissbühler, Simon. Jewish Cemeteries of Bucovina. Bucharest: Noi, 2009

Photos and history of Jewish sites in the Bucovina region of northern Romania and southwest Ukraine.

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Insightful analysis of the iconography of synagogue paintings in this part of Eastern Europe.

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