Communal Contacts


Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania

Str. Sf. Vineri nr. 9-11
Bucuresti, sector 3
Tel: 021-315.50.90
Fax: 021-313.10.28

Umbrella group of organized Jewish communities in Romania.

FEDROM has a Department for Jewish Heritage that deals with maintenance, preservation and use of synagogues, cemeteries and other sites.

Tel: +40 (0) 21 3155489
Fax: +40 (0) 21 3124192


Contact list for Jewish Communities in Romania

Includes address, phone and fax, names of community leaders and numbers of members of the 38 organized Jewish communities in Romania.


Jewish Communities with Web Sites


Bucharest Jewish Community Center


Satu Mare

Timisoara Jewish Community and OTER Youth Organization