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Web site/Blog of a Portuguese based registered non-profit society dedicated to rescuing the memory of Portuguese Jewish Marranos.


Museum of Portuguese Jewish History

An online Museum that displays special exhibitions, and aims to become “the largest consolidated resource for Jewish Portuguese artifacts and information in the world.” The MPJH has developed extensive institutional experience in preservation, conservation and collections management, supporting the fulfillment of its mission to present and preserve the material culture of Portuguese Jews





Belmonte Jewish Museum and Adriano Vasco Rodrigues Jewish Studies Center(Museu Judaico de Belmonte/Centro de Estudos Judaicos Adriano Vasco Rodrigues)

Rua da Portela 4
Tel: +35 (0) 275 088 698



Faro Jewish Heritage Centre

This institution, located on Rue Leao Penedo, next to the hospital, encompasses the Jewish cemetery and the small Jewish museum in the cemetery’s tahara house, and it works to restore and maintain these places as well as carry out other projects. The cemetery, opened in 1820, is listed as a Place of Public Interest in the Portuguese’s National Register of National Historical Monuments.



Medieval Synagogue (Museum)

Rua Dr. Joaquim Jacinto, 78
2300-577 Tomar


The web site of the synagogue includes a downloadable PDF brochure of the building, museum and Jewish quarter.