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Shana tova! Post-WW2 Düsseldorf New Synagogue, inaugurated at Rosh Hashana 1958, to get major renovation

The post-WW2 New Synagogue in Düsseldorf, Germany — inaugurated 60 years ago at Rosh Hashanah 1958  — is about to undergo a multi-million euro renovation. According to the Jüdische Allgemeine Jewish newspaper, the works will begin in October, after the … continue reading →

Germany: new interactive web portal to Jewish heritage & life in Germany

This week sees the launch of — a new, interactive web portal to Jewish people, places, and history in Germany. It looks like it will be an extraordinary resource. Described as an Interactive Map About Jewish Life in Germany, … continue reading →

Romania: restoration of Teleki synagogue in Oradea nears completion. Latest in a series of synagogue restorations in the town

Restoration of the Primariei (Teleki) Street (Hinech Neorim) orthodox synagogue in Oradea, in western Romania near the border with Hungary, is nearing completion and inauguration is scheduled for October. Plans are to establish a Jewish museum there. “Works are underway … continue reading →